The Bond of Friendships in The Outsiders By Sam

Friendships and relationships in our lives are very important to us and they mold us into who we are. In The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton, the role of the gang is like a surrogate family. The novel is centered on these relationships.

Gangs are like families in the sense that they are a unit of security. The greasers gang formed due to various reasons, the main being the absense of many family members both physically and emotionally. Soda, Darry and Ponyboy Curtis lost their parents at a young age from a tragic car accident. The three brothers turned to friends for unconditional love and support that they didn’t have at home. Darry had no choice but to step up and be the father figure.


Johnny didn’t have parents who cared emotionally enough about him and therefore, depended on the gang to love him and help him through life. It is clear in Johnny’s relationship with Dally and Ponyboy that they fill the void that is missing. Johnny was looking to escape his negative home life and depended on Dally for advice.



Throughout the novel, we see the theme of loyalty. The gang is loyal to each other and always has each others backs. Many fights happen between the Greasers and the Socs. Each member of the Greasers protects one another, the same way a family protects each other.



When Ponyboy was sick, Two Bit took care of him while Darry and Soda were at work. This is another important point of how gangs become famiy and shows their loyalty.



In the Outsiders, the gang was a brotherhood, a bond so strong that it was just like family. It is a support system. When kids do not have positive role models and proper discipline, they look to others to meet their needs. Gangs give each member their own identity and feeling of belonging.



As each character grows, we see them develop as individuals. Through their strengths and weaknesses they each develop their own identity and character that makes them who they are. In the end, Ponyboy realized that he needed to grow up and be a more responsible individual.


How Does This Novel Most Relate To You? by Jon

This story relates to losing something you love. One time I was paid 10 dollars for walking a dog when I was 7 years old. The same day my dad and I went to a baseball game and I realized the money wasn’t in my pocket. I couldn’t believe it. I cried. Ten dollars was a lot of money to me at the age of 7. My dad said it was in a better place now. Maybe someone who really needed the money picked it up. It was important to me and I had to face the fact that lost it. Also, when I was in 5th grade, our dog died. It was the first time a living thing that meant a lot to me was gone. She meant a lot to me and had been in our family since before I was born. I couldn’t get over losing my best friend, and I really missed her. I think when the gang lost Johnny, the Greasers felt the same way. After Johnny died, Ponyboy had a hard time accepting that Johnny was gone. He told himself on page 156, “try to think that Johnny is better off now.”. Their relationships were strong and Johnny was like a member of their family, not just a friend. They were pretty much destroyed, and missed him a lot.

I think relationships in my life are very important. Being with my family reminds me every day how lucky I am to be with them. Relationships between people are what keep their trust for each. The differences between the Greasers and Socs wasn’t as big as they thought it was. On page 41, Ponyboy realized that “maybe the two different worlds we lived in weren’t so different. We saw the same sunset.”. The word outsider can be defined in many different ways by many different people. I think I relate most to Johnny. Not because my name is Jon but because this character is not defined as what some people think he really is. He is underestimated. My mom often says I look like a hoodlum, a street rat, a hood. I’m not any of those, but in the novel, the boys define themselves with those traits. However, once we read the book, we get to know each character individually inside the group they belong to. They each have good qualities and should not be judged by what they look like.

Outsiders by Emma T

Out of all the characters in the Outsiders I relate to Pony boy the most. Not just that were alike but I relate to how he thinks, what he says and does more than anyone else in the book. Pony boy is the youngest of 3 boys. He is different from the other guys because he is more caring and has a sensitive side unlike the other greasers.

Some examples are when the fire happens in the barn, he goes in to save the children because he cares about the kids unlike Dally who told him not to go in. I bet no other greaser (except Johnny) would do that to put their life at risk for kids. Another example is in the begging of the book on page 2 he says “I’m different in that way. I mean my 2nd oldest brother Soda, who is 16 going on 17 never cracks a book at all. My oldest brother Darry works way to hard and long to be interested in a story or drawing. So I’m not like them, and nobody in our gang digs movies and books the way I do. For a while there, I thought I was the only person in the world that did. So I loned it.” In that quote is says that Pony knows he’s different and he kind of just accepts it.

I think the way he looks at things is so much different from the others because he looks at the big picture about what life is about, and why the greasers are greasers and why the socs are socs. He also remembers that everyone even the socs are just people and there’s really no point to fight but he understands that that’s the way things are so he just goes along with it. I relate to him because I think that way to, I think of the big picture of life not just the small things but I don’t do anything to change the way things are I just play my part.

The Outsiders 6 Word Memoirs

Socs are rich. Greasers are happy. – Holly

Socs and greasers are huge rivals. – Sam

It’s hard being on the outside. – Ryan

Loving supporting fighting is what represents! – Tatiana

Prove wrong those who underestimate you. – Jon

Socs are “tuff”. Greasers are heroic. – Marley

Heroes, Hoodlums, Over privileged, Mustangs, Girls – Ariel

See the sunset every single day. – Patrick

Socs, A-1
Grease, loathsome
– Maria

Friends have gold in their hearts. – Maddy

Love is precious. Love is right. – Lily

An outsider with a loving family. – Ray

Give a different person a chance. -Mick

Socs vs greasers money vs none – Emma T.

Socs and greases, only one sunset. – Casey

Elvis, The Original Greaser by Maddy

ElvisIn the novel, The Outsiders, The Greasers reflected their appearance by Elvis. Elvis was a sexy, 60’s icon, that the Greasers tried to base their looks off of. Elvis had the very slick, perfect hair, and that tough look on his face. The greasers try to be very cool, and slick just like him. Elvis was kind of like a rebel, and his music was very cool. You can tell that in the book, the Greasers were like rebels too, and like to be slick and cool.

OutsidersElvis and the greasers both were born into a poor community. Elvis made a lot of kind of rock like music. The greaser seemed like the type of people that would listen to that kind of music considering that they were cool, and tuff people. Elvis and The greasers had a lot of background information that were very similar.

PonyBoyElvis and the greasers had a not-so-good thing in common. They both smoked and drank. Elvis used to smoke maybe after performances, but Ponyboy usually had one every 30-45 minutes. Overall, they did drink and smoke a lot.

Which character relates to me? by Ariel

In  The Outsiders I could probably relate to a lot of the characters but, Darry is the one that describes me. In my world I like to think of everyone being realistic and telling me the truth instead of hiding things from me. My opinion of people that are straight with me are called 100% people, and others that aren’t 100% are shady.

The first thing that is described about Darry is his liability to be the realist character of the gang. The reason I can relate to this character is because I have liability to be trustworthy to my friends, because when they have problems, I help them by telling things that my parents would tell me. Darry plays this role because he is the father figure for Sodapop and Ponyboy. In the book Ponyboy tells us that Darry is mean to him but doesn’t mean to be. As I get older I notice that the way that I took things when I was younger is different because when I am honest with people, they seem to think that I am mean but, I don’t intentionally try to be that way. I am a person that thinks about how people might take the things I do but some of those people are the types that take things to be critical. Darry is one you don’t cry in front of unless you’re really hurt.  I have another similarity with Darry, he was an athlete, and not only was he a athlete, but he was offered a scholarship, but couldn’t afford to pay for the scholarship. So all he had was his brothers and his gang, my dad lived the same way, he was raising his brother, in place of his mother, because they were going through hard times. I myself am a scholar athlete but at times I have to be grateful for the things that I have. Another similarity is that I am strong for a little girl and life weights like Darry. Also, I am a caring person that loves most of my friends, but I try to treat everyone the same and show that I care, I call that tough love, just like Darry treats Soda and Ponyboy. I’m also the type of person that loves giving to my community, even the less fortunate and even the homeless. Although Darry wasn’t the type, he made sure that the boys never reached that point.

Darry has synonymous qualities but then again I has similar qualities because I don’t feel bad for what I say I bring sympathy because I have things that I need to work on. Although, I have qualities that are not positive, I result to change at the end just as Darry changes at the end of the book.