Balancing Needs by Kate C

In Cynthia Lord’s Rules what are differences between Catherine and David’s needs, why do David’s needs always come before Catherine’s needs? David has autism, and that does make things harder but should he be getting everything he wants? Catherine ask for new color pencils, and her mom said she could work for them, but then later that day David asked for a video at the store, and he got it, should that be fair? When David watches TV or listens to a tape, he watches and listens to it on repeat.  Are David’s parents the reason he expects everything he wants he’ll get. David gets to get a video at the store every day and when Catherine wants one she won’t get it right away like David. In my opinion, David’s parents feel it’s their fault for him having Autism so they try to make up for it. Is that Normal? I know at my house my parents try to make it as equal as possible. When I was younger my dad and I would go to the zoo once a month, the first time I went I got a stuffed animal, so the first time my brother came he really wanted a toy,  so he got it. I think that is fair because I had already gotten a toy just before. What do you think is the right way? Think.   



What is Normal? By: Luci

People find autism embarrassing because of unexpected behaviors. Firstly, sometimes people with autism have tantrums that can be scary for those who are inexperienced. For example in Rules, when David, Catherine, and their dad were in the video store, David had a tantrum and a random guy came over and just stared because he had probably never seen something like it before. Also, Grace Bourne said that sometime when they are in the mall with Mac she is afraid he is going to a tantrum. People with autism are misunderstood as “weird” or “not normal” just because of the way they act. In the book when Jason was at OT the speech therapist was talking to him like he was stupid just because he was different or “not normal”. Also, when Catherine introduced Jason to Kristi, Kristi was mean about it just because she thought he was different. Lastly, I think that family members of an autistic person are the only people that really understand them. For example, Catherine is the only one who really understands David, and tells him what to do and she also knows what he needs. Catherine is the one that understands Jason and knows that Jason has so much going on in his head, he just can’t express it. In conclusion, sometimes people stereotypically think that people with disabilities are stupid or don’t understand what “normal” people can and that is what Cynthia Lord was trying to show in her book, there is no normal everyone is their own kind of normal.

Autistic people really aren’t that different. By Zoe

People with autistic siblings stand out in a crown more than others. In the book Rules, David frequently does embarrassing things in public that embarrass Catherine and make her think that her social status as a middle school student is lower than others. One morning when Catherine and David are outside, he starts screaming because his dad isn’t on time to pick him up to go to the video store. We learned from Gracey Borne (Whitfield ’19) who has an autistic brother that when things are not the same way as they were the day before, they will have violent fits that include screaming, crying, and sometimes breaking things. Another example is when in rules, Catherine is always taking care of David which is a lot harder than taking care of a non-autistic sibling because they are incapable of a lot more things than we are. For example, when David is watching a movie and the videocassette instead of doing it himself, Catherine has to do it for him. Also, Gracey Borne (Whitfield ’19) told us that she often has to remind her brother to do small things such as closing the bathroom door, or keeping his pants on in public. Autistic people frequently have tantrums. Like I said previously, if every day isn’t on the same schedule, or there is a change without warning they will either scream a lot, or have tantrums. Gracey told us about a time when Mac (her autistic brother) had a tantrum in the car because of a lot of tension that was held between their family that day. They pulled over and he started screaming and ran into the woods. They eventually caught up to him and calmed him down but like I said, sometimes these tantrums can go really far. Overall, there are a lot of autistic people in the world and I think that we should respect them and not treat them any differently than we treat the rest of society. Even though autistic people can be embarrassing, they are not much different than you.

Why do some people judge? By Henry

Why do some people normally judge different people? First, Rosie King thinks that people don’t like variety. She says that some people stereotype, for instance, people with autism with being bad. Even though, from Rules by Cynthia Lord, Jason is actually really intelligent but his speech therapist is not able to notice that. Speaking of Jason being intelligent, people judge him because he is in a wheelchair. This can be related to Rosie King’s experience with her younger brothers who are also non-verbal but are still very smart.  Another instance of Rosie being stereotyped was when something good happened in her world she would scream or run, in for instance, the middle of class. Some people who make assumptions tend to not know any better. For example, when Ryan messed around with the gum with David in Rules everything turned into chaos. Even though it was intended to be a joke. I think that it is wrong to judge people because you don’t know what is really happening.

Autism BY: Grace

A lot of people who do not have Autism judge people who do have autism.  Sometimes when people are not used to the situation they get defensive and confused, and they don’t know how to act. For example when in the book rules, when Ryan gives David a “piece of gum” but then David realizes that it’s just a wrapper. This shows that Ryan thought that it would be funny but it wasn’t for David.

The world treat Autistic people in different ways by Eric

The world treat Autistic people in different ways. First of all, some people make joke with the Autistic people. For example in Cynthia Lord’s novel, Rules, Ryan trick David even he already know that David is an Autistic.  After that, he gives David a gum paper and nothing is inside. Another way is that some people discriminate against those with Autism. When they are in playing, they always let one of my classmate which is an autistic people go far away. They always use some really bad word to hurt him. Finally some people treat Autistic people fairly. Like Gracy Bourne says in her speech ,when her brother mad and break something, she console him. She usually play basketball with her brother. Different person treat Autism differently, we need be kind to them, just like Gracy Bourne treat his brother, but not some of my classmates or Ryan.

Why Be Normal? by Kaitlyn

People with siblings that have disabilities try hard to be seen as normal will try to hide from society the fact that their siblings have a disability like when Catherine was talking to the movers and tells David to remember his “rules” but David doesn’t and Catherine is embarrassed so she lies to them and says she has to go on page 7. Also, when David and Catherine were waiting for their late Dad when he got upset and yelled “the whole world is covered with buttons and not one of them is mine!” a girl was staring at them and asked if they needed help finding his button and Catherine said “oh  no thanks” and hurried away on page 37. When someone judges your sibling is judged my someone or teased you get upset and feel the need to stand up for them like when Ryan said “you can’t jump?” then told him to jump making David look funny Catherine got upset and said “stop” because she doesn’t like people telling him what to do. Ryan isn’t a nice friend to David. For example on page 109 David asked if he could have some gum and Ryan gave him an empty wrapper which made David cry, this made Catherine furious so she yelled “jerk” at him. From these examples you can see that knowing someone with autism can be very stressful. For Grace she would get upset when her brother Mac would have a break down in public or when her Dad and brother got into a fight over mac and cheese. We see how people like Catherine try so hard to fit in and be normal, but why?