The Day When it All Went Wrong By: Parker

I woke up early today  as soon as the sirens at the camp sounded. While everyone else was getting ready, I asked my friend, John, what was going on. John has dark brown, long hair swopped to the side with greenish colored eyes with a hint of grey in them. He’s also very tall. I have very light brown hair, cut in a buzz cut, with almost pure bright blue eyes.  He answered “Don’t ya remember? It’s time to go over to Germany, to fight!” As soon as he said that I stopped doing everything. Today is the day. The day when John and I go fight in the war. And I had a feeling, that someone wasn’t coming back home.

On the ride on the plane to the dock, where our boats were, no one talked the first half hour or so that we spent on the plane. I think we were all thinking the same thing. What was it going to be like when we get over there. But once someone broke out a conversation, things got a little better. The boat ride though was the worst of it. It took forever and I couldn’t hear anybody because of the noise of the ocean water and the boat splashing up and down on the water surface.

The war had been going on for quite a while by the time our group got there. Most of the city was in ruins by the bombing and the firing. John and I could hear the noise of all the soldiers and the guns all the way from where we landed. We were about forty-five minutes away from the fight, and not too eager to get there.

At first we couldn’t see were everyone was. Then all of the sudden, they were firing at us. I was the first to spot them. I yelled “OVER THERE! BEHIND THAT WALL WITH THE DESTROYED TURRET!” But it was too late. Most of our men got out of the way, but some had just looked that way when they shot. When I saw those men down, I got determination. I was going to fight for those men.

When we did get to the sight of the fight, John and I were some of the last people in our group to get off of the truck. Our group of solders were called to the fight mainly for when the enemies gained the upper hand of the battle. We were the solders that were fighting last hope. They were depending on us. We had their lives in our hands.

As soon as I peeked out to look, they were there again waiting. I shot at them for a couple of second not able to control my gun like it was a firehose. As soon as I stopped shooting, I dove back into cover. As soon as I got back in cover I heard John scream like a maniac at me. “Bob! Look out! There’s a grenade right behi…” But I never heard the rest of what he said. Before John could finish, the grenade when off a couple yards away from me. Faster than I thought it would happen, the ground got closer extremely fast. My head was throbbing so much. You wouldn’t believe the pain that I had in my head. It was like nothing I could have ever imagined. The next thing I knew everything started to go black, but just before everything did, John came running over with surprising speed and agility, rolled me on my back and kept saying something to me, but all I could see was that his mouth was moving, I knew that he was saying something to me. Whatever it was, he kept saying it to me over and over again until everything did go black. I only wish that I could know one thing, what he was saying to me. I don’t remember anything else that happened after that, but at the time I narrowed it down to two things:

  1. I died by the grenade.


  1. I passed out.

When woke up, I was right where I had passed out. It was silent though. No fighting going on. Where was everyone? When I tried to get up my leg and ribs hurt a lot. My leg was partially burnt from the explosion and my ribs were bruised, I think. When I looked around I knew right away what happened. They were captured.

Before going to rescue my team though, I decided I should check the alliance base camp first just in case to see if they were there. I couldn’t make it there on foot thought with my injured leg, I had to get there faster and by some kind of vehicle. I looked around for a while looking for a car. Then I found a truck used to carry troops. When I got to the truck, there were no keys, so I had to hijack it.

When I got to the camp there were a lot of trucks and cars parked in front. There were people there, and I was sure it was them. But when I got closer I saw that it wasn’t. They were still the allies. When I went around the camp looking for my group, I couldn’t find them. Right when I was about to leave, someone taped me on the shoulder. It was John, and the whole group was with him.


Pressure by: Kenny

Today was the day. Bryon woke up to the sound of honk due to a life about to be taken away.  He realize he wasn’t in his comfortable bed.  It was the car. Without sitting up Bryon describe his dream out loud not even caring who was listening. Byron hopped out of the car uneasy like he has been off the ground for the past hour. he picked up a quarter found from the street and placed it in the coat pocket. Today was the day. Today was the day he would have to sit in a chair for thirty minutes and tell a judge his feeling. Bryon’s parents were divorced so today was court day. The minute Byron walked in the room he realized the stress and nerve he would feel in the next three hours.

He walked in silent; with his head up noticing the patters on the light and the diamond shape lantern swooshing above him. Miss Jean his babysitter signed him in, even though he had to.  Byron and Miss Jean waited in awkward silence. Part of Byron wanted to go to sleep. The other part of Bryon wanted to leave in fear his decision would change his life.  The court house was quiet. Each and every step that miss jean took with her high heels clacking on the tile ground.  Click Click Click. A tune to the beat of the heels inside his head popped into Byron’s mind. The hunger kicked in. His nerves ached in his stomached, although the hunger hurt more.  He pulled out his red Ds and drew swiggly lines on the screen until him and Miss Jean hit the lunch room. Byron thought to himself ” Why Am I here”. Taking  four miss turns and one trip back to the front desk the finally hit the lunch room. He didn’t eat much. The more he thought about court the less the hunger hurt in his stomach. Many things zipped through his mind like zebras in a safari. Byron plopped down near the poll in the back of the lunch room.  Pulling out Mario kart, a plate fell scaring Bryon as he flinched and hid behind the poll.  The shattered glass reminded him of what was about to happen based on his words. Miss Jean looked at the time. It was 2:30; thirty minutes before the big moment happened. Bryon asked his Miss jean about what to say. Miss jean said speak from the heart no matter what but was that really what Bryon thought.

This was the day everything would change. Bryon wondered what would he say to his friends when the ask whast happened, or ask him why don’t they see his mom or dad anymore. Many things raced through Byron’s big head.  Throughout they were talking people came ands left the lunchroom. It was time, the big moment that could make or break Bryon’s future ( or so how he felt) was now. In the window Bryon saw his mom and dad on opposite sides facing the judge. His mom wear a black pantsuit that he hasn’t noticed before which is why he didn’t recognize her at first. Then he saw his dad who was wearing less moderate clothes than his mom but still appropriate. As he saw his dad a memory shot into his mind. He thought about the vigorous times his dad told him to say he wanted more time with him. Or he thought of his dad being really mad if Bryon said anything against him. With those thoughts Byron was sure that would affect his answer. Sitting outside a a stool bench with Byron sitting at the exact edged of the bench Bryon waited 30 minutes hearing gavels banging up and down and yelling from across the room. Bryon was hungry again, but there was no time for Byron to go all the way back. Miss jean bought him a water bottle and told him good luck as she got escorted out because it was almost time where the judge would call Bryon in the courtroom to talk to him. Byron thought to himself. I want to sleep, but not for a reason he thought. Byron thought that if he went to sleep maybe he could wake up and it would all be a dream. It was time. The doors opened and Byron’s parents walked passed him without looking at him.

Byron walked forward and stopped. Everyone looked at him strangely until the judge to him to sit down which he did without waiting a beat. When Bryon sat in the chair he blurted out” I want to spend time with both my parents especially my dad” which had everyone confused. It was really irrelevant and Bryon thought he was an idoit for saying it. It was the pressure he thought to himself. The first thing the judged asked him was for his name and general security questions a normal judge would ask. “yes…… wait… wait yes” Byron said sounding confused. A sweat feel from his black colored hair to  brown colored skin.Then the judge asked the question. The question that bryon was worried he would ask. The judge asked

“Do you want everything to stay the same where you see your dad almost every Sunday?”

Now everything was racing through his head. He viewed different images from his head like his life was flashing image by image. He remembered what his dad was pressuring him to say but he also remembered what Miss jean told him. Byron pulled out the quarter and held it in his hand. The wave of confidence and pressure was gone. The little quarter that Byron held in his hand had a connection with its heart gave him the strength to finally believe in himself and blurt out the word


The quarter fell smashing against the ground. Once. Twice. Three times until he felt it roll until it hit his foot. His  heart started pumping just as if he had just ran the marathon or made a life threatening decision.  He felt like the world was just divided into 2 different parts and he would never be the same. Bryon thought to himself that if this was a dream now would be the perfect time to wake up. A tear fell down his cheek.

“Thank you Byron”

It was over. The long day that Byron has was coming to an end. Miss jean came to great him at the doors where he was officially released to go home. Miss Jean didn’t say a word to him. Miss jean smiled, waved, and left 30 minutes after thinking that Byron was asleep. Bryon checked to see if she was gone for fear she would find out he was faking. The truth was Byron didn’t want to talk to anyone even his mom. Another tear led from his face, this time one came after the next. Byron thought he was tough but in reality he wasn’t. He waited another 30 minutes which felt like an hour for his mom to come.

Finally his mom arrived at the doors next to the old dusty bench Byron sat on. She smiled and asked him if he was ready to go. Byron shook his head questionably as if there was a part two coming up. He asked his mom what happened and she explained some of the basics. She told him no matter what that she still loved him, Bryon looked up to his mom and loved how inspirational, but still there was despair in Byron’s heart. Soon and eventually next Sunday arrived and it was time for Byron to see his father. He knew the tension would be high and it would be the worst time he has ever spent with his dad. “hey son”  Admidiatly after hugging and saying hello to his dad he rushed to the car and locked his door. A tear feel from his eye.

“Nothing is the same.”

The Tornado by Connor

It was the last day of school. Fifteen minutes left and it would officially be summer When the bell goes off I would be going to six flags with my best friend, Sam. We were planning on going if the weather cleared up. Otherwise, we would just hang out at his house and play zombies. Luckily, it looked like the weather was going to clear up.

As the bell went off our class swarmed the door and went outside screaming. It took me about twenty minutes to find my friend, Sam. When I saw him I yelled, “SAM”. He turned around and said that he was looking all over for me and that his mom was waiting for us in his car. We went to her car and she was on the phone. She asked us if we wanted to stop by there house first and eat or go straight to six flags. We said we wanted to go and eat first because we hadn’t eaten since lunch. So when we went to their house and it started raining so we decided to play some games and hope that it would clear up.

As we were playing we heard a big smash so we ran to the kitchen and saw a funnel of a tornado so we ran to his  moms room and we told her that there was a tornado outside and she ran to the window and said “your right “. But the only problem was they didn’t have a basement. So we ran to there neighbors house. Knocked on the door and he answered and said yelling “COME ON IN”. so we went in and we went to the basement. His basement was scary he had mounted fish and deer on the walls. I asked my friend why they were all over his walls and he said that he was a taxidermist. He asked me some questions and we watched television for about two hours and played two games of pool. The storm seemed to not stop. So we went to sleep. At about two in the morning we heard a loud noise and right after that the power turned off and it was dark as can be. I stayed up all night and everyone else fell asleep. In the morning we got up and went upstairs and his house was absolutely destroyed. Half of his kitchen was on the other side of his lawn.  Sam’s house on the other hand had minor damages.

Terror-ific Time by David

October 31

Tonight was the night that the Bula Gang decided to meet up on Halloween. They were all meeting up at Bree’s house to go trick-or-treating. The neighborhood was so peaceful, there were no cars driving, just plenty of fog. Her house was the type of house that reminded you of castle. Kandice was already there, Austin and James showed up around 3:00 pm. Austin was an average height, he had sponge curls in his hair, and was a little bit taller than Bree. James was taller than Austin by not very much, his hair was also curly but not to the point where it looked like Austin’s, he will eat pretty much anything he sees as long as it’s edible. “What kind of pizza do you guys want” asked Bree’s Mom. Everybody said different things. So she just ordered bacon, barbecue chicken, cheese, and pepperoni. So while we were eating Bree’s Brother Eric decided to go with us since he had nothing else to do. Breana then showed up. Breana had her hair in braids, and highlights, and she was taller than everybody except for James.  They all went down to Bree’s basement to watch scary movies and play air hockey and ping pong. The basement was a really big space with couches and a chair. There were posters with St. Louis Blues Logo and players. There was a closet open with Xbox games, cords, and movies all over the place. Austin and Eric played sting pong. Austin didn’t really have good accuracy. “Turn Around” Eric said laughing. SMACK!! “AHHH” yelled Austin. The ping pong hit him in the middle of his back. “Dang Austin, you a big whelp on your back” Kandice said acting surprised.15 minutes later the pizza was there. At the the table they all just talked about school drama. “Guys we should probably go get dressed” Bree suggested. James was dressed as Mario, Austin was so clueless he had no idea what he was wearing, and it was a long dress type robe. “Last time I wore this thing I was running across a street I tripped and fell.” Austin said feeling embarrassed. James laughed and looked at the ground looking innocent. Bree and Kandice were both dressed in all black and fangs and red makeup to make them look like Vampires. Breana didn’t know what to dress up as she was wearing Pajama’s with a big dog on the front. Austin and James were just waiting them to finish with makeup and stuff. “Why do they take so long” James wondered. “How am I supposed to know?” said Austin confused. “Alright were ready.” Kandice replied. “Before you leave I want a group picture of you guys.” Bree’s mom said. “Bye stay safe” she said. The neighborhood was quiet and cold, there was still a lot of fog. “Guys did you hear about this house that was haunted by a ghost” Eric explained in his creepy voice. “Try and scare me, Eric and I will hurt you.” Kandice said. They all ran to a house with a family sitting outside next to a fire pit. “Hey, you didn’t leave any for me.” Austin said sadly. “I guess I’ll just take this last piece” He suggested. There was person wearing a skeleton costume who chased Austin down the street because he was so scared. Austin ran swiftly down the street. So as the friends were trick-or-treating they reached a house where the lights were off. Kandice walked up to the window. “Isn’t that the house where a creepy man watches you through the window?” asked Breana. When they realized it, Kandice saw somebody look out the window. She immediately screamed and ran away from the house. “Guys I can’t run wait on me!” yelled Kandice. She ran so fast she acted like she running from a pack of wolves. “What did you see? Breana asked. “You don’t wanna know” Kandice said out of breath. Afterwards Kandice walked with a limp. “Can we just go back to the house and eat some candy” Austin complained. “Let’s go to the neighborhood across the street” James suggested. “Ok, but I better get a king size, haven’t gotten one in a while.” Breana said. “Guys I feel like were being followed.” Bree said worried. “I do to” Breana said concerned. As they were walking through the neighborhood they then realized it was probably just the wind. “Guys can we just go back to the house?” asked Austin again. As Austin kept complaining, because he was scared. The crew just kept going through the neighborhood to try and get some king size candy bars. “James, my mom said her car broke down, and my dad is out of town so she can’t pick us up” Austin explained. “Ok, Bree can we stay the night at your house then?” James asked. “Sure I guess.” Bree said. “Can we go home now I wanna eat my candy?” Austin complained again for the third time. “Fine… let’s go back to the house.” Eric said. “Bree do you even know your way home?” Austin asked. “Hmmmm…Nope” Bree said. “I do” Eric said. So the friends made it back to Bree’s house. Before they went to sleep they fixed some popcorn and watched scary movies. Breana was the one who would get scared so easily she became paranoid. They all fell asleep really fast. Austin was under the air hockey table, James was on the ping pong table.

November 1

In the morning the boys were the last ones to wake up. Bree’s mom decided to make some breakfast for them. She fixed them a buffet like they were at Golden Corral. “Hey where did the WHOLE plate of bacon go” Kandice asked. James scratched his head and looked down as if he didn’t look guilty. “You at the whole plate of bacon?” Austin asked. “I mean…. You still got some crumbs.” James said looking Guilty. “That’s unbelievable” Breana said. “What’s not there to believe, the evidence is on his face.” Kandice said. “Guys can we trade candy?” Breana suggested. Everybody agreed except for James, who took his candy very seriously. “James can I please have that snickers” Bree pleaded. “NO! Don’t ask me again, I will use my hot breath.” James said angrily. As he was about to blow it all over Bree, he stopped. “Ok never mind.” Bree replied. “Why does it feel like it’s over 100 degrees” Austin said fanning himself. Eventually after James had a whole sack of candy. It was hard to carry because it felt like it had bricks in it. So after they ate candy they got bored, they girls decided to give the boys a makeover. “I don’t know how I feel about this” James said. “Yea me either. Austin agreed. After they were done Austin looked like a panda, and James looked like a monkey. “Why did we trust them to do this?” James asked. “I have no idea…” Austin said confused. “You guys look adorable” Kandice laughed. “Very Funny” James said frowning. They all got very bored so James suggested that we should go outside and play basketball. It was Austin and James against Bree, Breana, and Kandice. They got tired of playing that so they went back inside. Austin was the type of boy to do something really stupid and regret it afterwards. “Bree, can I run myself into your wall?” Austin asked bored. “….Sure knock yourself out” Bree suggested. Austin was determined not to get hurt. Austin ran so fast it was like a burst of wind. 5 minutes later Austin was laid out on the ground out cold. “You literally knocked yourself out.” James said. “I did?” Austin said confused.  Later on in the day the Bula Gang decided to eat more candy and watch some TV. “Austin when is your mom coming to pick us up?” James asked. “She said she was 10 minutes away.” “What should we do in the mean time?” Kandice asked. “I just wanna say that I had fun with you guys, we have to go this again.” Austin said.  “I should go get my stuff together.” James said. Bree knew something was happening between Austin and Kandice just by the way they were looking at each other. “Hey Breana, I have to show you something upstairs” Bree said smiling at Kandice. “Ok” said Breana acting confused. So she followed Bree upstairs, and left Austin and Kandice downstairs. Austin was so clueless he sat there looking like he just got asked the most difficult question in the world. “Austin it’s pretty obvious who I like.” Kandice explained blushing. “No…. not really, you see I can be slow sometimes, so it might be just not to me.” He explained to her. After a while he then figured it out. Austin realized that he might have liked Kandice back, but he didn’t want to say anything about it because he was a little bit shy. James came down the steps, right behind were Bree and Breana. “James my mom is here” Austin said. “Ok” said James. As they were saying by to each other they all just smiled and laughed. “Did you guys have fun?” asked Austin’s mom. They both looked at each other and laughed.


Earth’s Game By Riley

It was the first weekend in November, 2015. We were in the locker room about to go warm up outside the rink. On our way out of the rink we could hear fans screaming and yelling from outside the rink. We jogged out behind the rink where there was a big park was with a big hill. The first thing that popped into half the team was to climb the hill and warm up on top of the hill. ” this is going to be the best game of the season, just wait and find out.” said the goalie, Ryan. He recently got a haircut that went really long to almost a buzz cut. Once we were done stretching we ran down the hill, and jumped over the fence. We jogged back into the cold and bright rink. We watched a little bit of the game before us because we had a lot of time before the game. After we watched the game, we left back into the locker room. We started to get focused and ready for the game. During getting ready for the game, “these guys our really bad we can beat them.” said a forward. “don’t underestimate them.” I said.

This weekend was one of the biggest tournaments in the nation, it was called the Bauer World Invite. The first game and also the most important out of the three round robin games we played, is the hardest versing the Mississauga Braves. When we were all ready and the Zamboni was about to get off, we were really nervous and confident at the same time because we are a really good team and when we have a mindset, we can beat any team. Our blood was pumping so much that our veins could have popped we were so excited, we couldn’t wait to get on the ice.

The Zamboni was off the ice and we were skating on the ice. My team is very superstitious so before we go onto the ice, we have to touch the puck bag. We warmed up by skating around really fast, “kkksshhh.” the sound of the skates hitting the ice were all around me. After we warmed up on the ice, all of our muscles were relaxed and ready to play. The only thing that was going through every bodies head was that we needed to win this game.

As soon as the puck dropped in the center of the ice everything got a lot faster. They were big, fast, and physical and they were really good at moving the puck. We were holding them and had so many chances to score but the defense were really good. at the 10 minute mark of the first period they passed to the fastest guy on there team and skated right passed our defense and scored. Everybody on my team were devastated and angry that they scored and we were willing to do anything now to score more than they will to win.

They scored once again 5 minutes left in the first period and we got even more mad. They scored the third goal with one minute left in the first. At that point in the game we knew we had to score in the second or else it would be extremely hard to win in the third if we didn’t. before we got on the ice, the coach said, “you guys are playing well and moving the puck good, but as soon as you get to the offensive zone. You don’t move, we need to take the puck to the net.” Our coach was excited and nervous because he knew we could would win. When we were walking onto the ice he smiled with his gray hair and knew we could win this game.

We came out onto the ice bursting with speed and warmed up for thirty seconds.”come on guys, we could win. Move the puck and we could win.”, said one of the defense named jack. He had long brown hair that came out of his helmet that wrapped around the bottom of his helmet. The first minute in the second period, we drove to the net and scored the first goal for us. We had our first boost in that game after that goal was scored. A couple minutes later they scored another goal. We didn’t keep our heads down long. The next period, we scored 10 minutes in the third period so it was 4-2 and we were down two goals. it was the third period with nine minutes left in the period, all of us were about to drops to the ground that we were so tired, the other team was also very tired. The coach said,” right now, is about who has more grit and will power out on this. I sure hope that you guys are the ones that have that.” We were thinking about what we had done that were good and bad, and tried to fix what we were doing wrong so we can become better.

We scored with seven minutes left so it became 4-3, they were still winning and the end of the game was closing in and it was getting more intense because we took it to the net and had many good chances and didn’t score. We were sweating so much it could have been a pool in the rink. Finally, we had a good break out of our zone and went into the offensive zone to try to score so we can tie the game up. First the second forward passed it to my defense partner, then my defense partner passed it to me, and when I got the puck I looked to see who was open and saw the third forward open on the strong side of the boards so I passed to him. He took the puck to the net, went around the net and passed it to the first forward in the back door and shot the puck as soon as it came close to him. “swoosh.”

The sound of the puck hitting the netting in the back of the net for the tie up goal was so exhilarating and exciting that we all jumped together and yelled really loud.” we finally tied the game, I was starting to get concerned!” my defense partner, Tommy said. Tommy is really tall and slim with brown hair. It may seem that this took a minute, but it really took only maybe ten seconds of the period to make the play and score. I could see the expression on the other team, and it made me laughed in my head to myself. There expression was all angry and wanted to go back in time to redo that shift so we didn’t score that one goal. There were two minutes left in the game and we were trying really hard to keep the puck out of our net and get it into theirs so we can win this game. One of the lasts shifts of the game I was not on the ice but I still remember it like it was the most important piece of life. The Braves had almost made another goal by passing rapidly and they came closer and closer to the net and at one pass, one of the Braves shot the puck towards the net. “ding!” and barely hit the post and came back out into our possession and we kept it in our own zone for a little bit for maybe a couple seconds and then we were out of our zone and got into the neutral zone. There was 1 minute left in the game and this was the only chance we could score. We did the same thing we did when we scored the tie up goal excepted that the second forward passed it back to the defense. The defense shot enough so it could get by all the players and at that moment it felt like the slowest moment in the game. Finally what felt like an hour, the puck went to the back of the net and scored. Our happiness was indescribable, and we went crazy and jumped on top of each other. After that little bit of celebrating, they were so mad that they didn’t want to shake hands and went off the ice. But the rules said that they had to shake hands so they came back onto the ice and shacked our hands. We got back into the locker room and started yelling good job boys, and jumping because we won our first Bauer game this year. Our whole team was so excited for the next team. After the game we all had team showers and we all talked, and we stayed in the locker room for almost a half an hour because we were talking and getting undressed for so long. But before we all got undressed, both of our coaches came in and gave a speech on how we were really good and that we deserved that big win. That night we all ate as a team as happy as can be.

The Dog’s Dish by Nicolas

About a year ago, I had to watch my dog in my room while my parents were meeting with contractor downstairs. It sounds relatively simple to watch a dog; however, the dog wanted out. He (Wesley) being a crazy rescue dog, hates strangers and wanted desperately to see who was in the house. That night was real challenge to keep him entertained and out of trouble while keeping in my room.
While I was watching him in my room, I thought he was thirsty. Since I could not leave my room without the dog following me, I lead him to my bathroom (which is attached to my room), and filled up my bathtub. The bathtub turned into a giant dog dish full of water. Wesley hopped in and started to drink from it. So I thought since he was in the tub already that I might as well give him a bath since he was a tad bit dirty. So I told him to get out of the tub while I filled up with more water. He leaped out of the tub and trotted over to my bed and pounced on it. He started rubbing his wet body all over my comforter and sheets. I walked over to my bed and I was completely stunned because my bed smelled horrible. It was the awful wet dog smell. I immediately ran to my window and opened it. Ah, fresh air! But my room still stunk, so I thought that I might as well give him a bath because the wet dog smell was not going to disappear anytime soon, unfortunately.
So I decided to fill the tub up again. The water was absolutely freezing, so I added more hot water to get the temperature just right, but the water got much too hot for me to even stick my own feet in! I had to add more cold water to make it just right. That was a lot of water!
After the water temperature was a comfortable temperature, the dog leaped from the bed and decided to hop in the bathtub! Soon a tidal wave washed over the bathtub’s edge and onto the tile floor. I opened my eyes and saw with amazement that the tub was half empty! Half the water was gone. I was so soaked, water was everywhere. Water was dripping down the walls. Wesley started to shake and then he shook himself so hard that water flew off him and I got an unwanted shower of wet dog. I was standing in puddles of water and I was not even in the tub, I was standing on the tile floor! There were puddles everywhere, and then I noticed water was running under the bathroom door onto the new hardwood floor in my room.
When I opened up the bathroom door, Wesley knocked me over in a race to get out. When I sat up, I could not believe my eyes, water everywhere and of course Wesley shook himself sending more water flying onto my freshly painted bedroom walls and the wet hardwood floor. How was I going to explain this mess? I asked the dog why he did this. Of course, he did not answer, he had returned to the scene of the crime, he was sitting in the tub with a huge grin on his face like he created a mess on purpose.
I needed to get the dog out of the tub pronto; however, he did not want any part of this. He was too busy splashing and drinking the water. I tried to get him out of the tub, which only got me increasingly more drenched. I tried pulling on his leash for him to get out of the tub but he pulled and resisted causing me to trip over the bath mat and into the tub. Now I was covered in more water than before. While this was very unfortunate I thought he would get out, but no he still stayed in the tub. Now not only was I drenched in water from head to toe, and my whole bathroom was covered with more water than before. This was so stressful! How was I supposed to get him out?! I had no idea how to handle this; I tried to clean up the mess.
I remember having a great thought at the time; the plan was to lure the dog out of the tub using his dog treats. There was only one problem, the treats were downstairs in the kitchen, and I was upstairs. I was going to responsible, so I decided to drain the remaining bath water from the bathtub before leaving the dog in the bathroom by himself while I got the dog treats. I thought I could leave him by him alone in a closed bathroom, what could happen?
When I returned from my quick mad dash to retrieve the dog treats from downstairs, I opened my bathroom door. I got the surprise of my life; I was eye level with my dog’s nose. How is that possible? Did he grow three feet while I was gone? Of course not, he had jumped onto the vanity and was standing in my sink. He had a huge smile on his face and was wagging his tail. The bathroom vanity had the soap bottle knocked over, the sink faucet was on causing water to splash everywhere. The soap and shampoo bottles were floating in the tub water and the dog had somehow managed to open the shampoo bottle causing shampoo it leak out forming bubble puddles on the tile floor. My dog also thought that toilet paper was make a great new dog toy. There was wet stringy toilet paper everywhere on the floor, on the toilet, and in the tub. Disaster was everywhere I looked.
I needed to clean this mess up fast before my parents came upstairs! The mess was created in a relatively short time so clean up should be fast. I felt like I was living the story of the “Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss. It was extremely hard but I tried my best to tidy up and keep the dog quiet.
My mother came to check on the dog and I before I could finish cleaning up the mess. All she saw was a humongous disaster in my bedroom and bathroom.
“What happened?” my mother asked.
“Nothing!” I say.
She did not believe me at all so I told my mother the story of how the water, soap, shampoo and dog treats got everywhere in my bathroom. She could not believe how quickly this had all happened.
I learned a very important lesson that night; I will never again try to use my bathtub as a giant dog dish. I also learned that I should always think things through before I do them because what I thought was a great idea turned out to be the worst idea I had ever had.

The 2K15 Video Game Showdown By: TJ

It was Kevin versus Jordan. They were getting ready to play against each other in the video game of NBA 2K15. Jordan wanted another rematch in the game since he had lost twice to Kevin already. Kevin had picked the Diamond State Warriors because that was his favorite team and it also had his favorite player, Stephon Kurray. The team that Jordan had picked was the Rallo Cavaliers with his favorite player JeBron Lames. Since Jordan thought that Kevin had been cheating, he put the game settings to the hardest difficulty in the game, Hall of Fame. Kevin has played Jordan on Hall of Fame so many times that he knows what Jordan is going to do with the team that he is playing with. Once everything was set and ready, they started loading the game. Once the game was loaded, it was time for the tip off. Once the digitized referee had bounced the ball once and tossed it in the air, both players had jumped for the ball and fortunately Kevin had won the tip because he would have it again at the start of the 4th quarter.

1st Quarter

Kevin had the ball first. He used the right stick on his controller to do a couple of moves and then went to the basket and missed his first shot. Jordan’s team had the ball and there were coming to the other end of the court where the defense was. Jordan had found an open man on the wing and took a shot from the three-point line and it is a clean shot. Through the TV, you could hear the fake “swish” sound indicating that it was a clean shot. After that they were both missing shot until a player on Kevin’s team got fouled hard going up for the layup. Kevin had made both of the free throw shots putting two points up on the board. The score was three to two with Jordan leading. Then the game started to get fired up with both making shots, getting fouled, and making flashy dunks. The quarter was coming to an end with Jordan still leading 28 to 19. Kevin had the ball and with five second on the clock, he ran down the court and did two moves and shot a three-pointer with a perfect release. The ball hits the backboard of the basket and goes into the basket for three points. Then the quarter ends with a score of 28 to 22.

2nd Quarter

The second quarter starts with a score of 28 to 22 with Jordan leading. Kevin was still talking smack about how he was the best and that he was going to still comeback and beat Jordan, but inside he was starting to get worried because he had always had a lead at the start of the second quarter of every game. Jordan gets the ball first in the second quarter because Kevin won the tip off at the start of the game. Once Jordan gets his team down the court, he goes for a dunk, but Kevin blocks him and gets the rebound and runs down court to their basket and get a dunk. Jordan was steadily complaining that the block should’ve been a foul but Kevin was getting more confident that he could come back and win the game at the end. Once Jordan got the ball back, he just rams down to the other end of the court and Kevin, knowing that he would get hit if he did this, took a charge and Made Jordan make an offensive foul. Jordan punched Kevin with a decent amount of force and Kevin started laughing. Jordan said, “Dude you know that I will stop playing if you keep doing this. I’m for real dude.”, “Well if it’s in the game, I must be able to do it since it’s not illegal or anything.” Kevin said.

3rd Quarter

            The 3rd quarter started with a tie. The score was 76 to 76. Once again Jordan got the ball first at the start of the quarter. Jordan comes down and swings the ball to the player on the left wing. That player was wide open and he gets a perfect release on his shot and makes a clean basket. Then Kevin’s team calls a timeout and Jordan is laughing while Kevin is complaining about his team calling a timeout. When the timeout was over the game resumed and Kevin scored a three-pointer. Then Jordan has the ball again and he brings his point guard down the court and does ta simple crossover and a step back and makes the shot. Kevin on the other hand knows a little something that could get Jordan on his toes. He brings his point guard down court and does a double behind the back and makes Jordan’s defender fall to the ground and Kevin starts yelling, “Where are those ankles!!!!!” The quarter ended with Jordan again in the lead.

4th Quarter

            The 4th quarter was when the whole game turned around. Kevin started to make a lot more shots and more flashy dunks. Kevin had gotten over 20 points in less than two minutes and he was in the lead, but Jordan was just behind him in score. The lead changed over 5 times and the game started to get pretty heated. In the last seconds of the game, Kevin had the ball, he brought the ball down court and he did a crossover and he shot a three point shot. Everything went in slow motion and the clock went down, 3… 2… 1. The buzzer made its buzzing sound and the ball went in the basket. Kevin was jumping around and making a lot of noise not knowing that his aunt was in the room across the hall way in his house, and his dad down stairs doing laundry. His dad yells upstairs and tells Kevin to stop making so much noise and to calm down.