Where I Am From…. Mick S.

I am from the ocean breezes of the

Coast of Lisbon Portugal.

I am from the royalty of


I am from the Chinese-Portuguese city of

I am from the Spaghetti carbonara on my


Older brother’s birthday.

I am BBQ ribs on my

I am visiting Portugal

Every 1-3 years.

I am from playing

Video games in free time.

I am from building

Japanese models.

I am from playing

Magic the Gathering.

I am from my kind mother.

I am from my funny father.


I am from my kind,

But annoying brother.


Where I Am From… by Maria P.

I’m from somewhere
From Africa, Florida, Washington, Costa Rica, Brazil, London, Paris, and STL
Around the world and back.

I’m from Gammy, Poohbah, Davide, and Mom
A place to call home
From hot nights roasting marshmallows on the grill
And eating too many chocolate chip cookies.

I’m from saving stray dogs and catching wild snakes
From being attacked by hippos
And monkeys eating all the sugar.

I’m from a happy life
The feeling of new clothes from Nordstrom, mascara, and Kingsley
Going to Starbucks, playing soccer, and singing my heart out for KATY.

I’m from love
Marley, Luci, Paige, Reagin, Diamond, Uncle John, Poohbah,
Gammy, Alexis, Duchess, Christina,
Olivia, Holly, Emma, Lily, Ariel, Kelly, Bella,
Tati, Uncle Richard, Cedric, Cedaria, mi madre, Davide, Gracie.

I’m from secretive struggles, and crying alone,
From 15 minutes that changed my life, and saying goodbye to a life that felt safe
I’m from having hope that doesn’t exist, and praying that it would
I’m from never giving up, and never knowing what to think.

I’m from being overly dramatic, and being obsessed with PINK
From having sleepovers deprived of sleep and being incredibly girly
From painting on the polish board, Instagram stalking, and parties that I wished would never end

I’m from a family that talks it out, where nobody is left behind
I’m from half my family that talks it out, half a family never left behind
From a half that is my whole.

I’m from the best life, the life I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Where I Am From… by Maddy P.

I am from Caring people,
From laughing and watching movies,
I am from loving, and the lots of pets that make me smile.

I am from moving,
Soles passing away,
Sailing on to the world of the clouds.

I am from jetting along the water,
with time on my mind,
From singing and dancing like no one is watching,
like I am alone.

I am from drawing,
like my graphite pencil,
river of imagination flow,
From making sound from a silver plated flute.

I am from Santa’s wonderful gifts that make me
From the eggs hidden around my house,
waiting for me to find them.
I am from a day, when I smile,
that I am getting older.

I am from laughs and tears,
and the things that I the love the most.

That is Where I’m from.

Where I Am From… by Casey H.

I’m from big groups of kids riding bikes in the street,
In a quiet cul-de-sac,
Where neighbors are like family.

I’m from soccer injuries,
Grass-stained pants,
And torn gym shoes.

I’m from silver minivans,
Long soccer practices,
And music lessons.

I’m from backyard pool parties,
Grilled hotdogs and hamburgers,
And late night games of capture the flag.

I’m from silly sibling fights,
Warm hugs,
And spending days with my best friend.

I’m from big family dinners,
Stuffed turkeys,
And presents.

I’m from long drives and plane rides,
And bathroom breaks.

I’m from the great stories and fun memories-
I am from my family, no one could ask for a better one.

Where I Am From… by Patrick L.

I’m from my family
No siblings, but two parents
Always ready to help

I am from 9/11
Not the best time to be 12 days old
The smoke is rising, get the door snake

I’m from video games
Trying to make people laugh is difficult
Especially through pictures

I am from Panera Bread
With great food and great stories
Murders for 60 cent recyclables

I’m from the log
An island often mistaken for one
New York is where the apple is

I am from Germany
From Switzerland and other places
All over the globe

I’m from the secret jokes
Hillarious pictures with bulbous text
Teh bad speling is my way of ninja

I am from Whitfield School
St. Louis Missouri is the best place to live
And there is no place I’d rather be