Fun You Can Remember by Ryan


4 thoughts on “Fun You Can Remember by Ryan

  1. Dear Ryan,
    I think you really hit the part of Dill off! It actually felt like I was talking to Dill himself through you! The only part I disliked was at the end where you told his dad to stop the video and slid back into the camera. That easily could have been cut off so it didn’t look like he wiped though the project all at one time. Over-all Spot on!


  2. I think you have the best written script that I have seen. Its fun and it pulls you into the video. I also thought your accent worked well. I heard a clicking sound in the back so you may want to make sure that doesn’t happen next time. The end was funny but you may want to cut that out, too. Overall, the best one I’ve seen so far. Good job!


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