True Form by Kate E

In the book American born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang, one of the main characters, the Monkey King faces a problem that is where he gets stuck under a mountain of rocks, to escape he had to return to his “true form.” While we all feel the need to belong, Gene Luen Yang is reminding the readers that we all need to be ourselves. The first character to learn this lesson is the Monkey King. In the book the monk says this to the Monkey King “the form you have taken is not truly your own. Return to your true form and you shall be freed.”  In the process of the Monkey King returning to his true form the monk gets stabbed by two monsters looking for dinner this makes the Monkey King upset and he returns to his true form. Another character who tries to transform himself is Jin Wang. Towards the beginning of the book Jin wants to be this all white American boy, and to be the American boy Jin changes his hair and the way he acts. An all American boy isn’t his true form. In the end on page 214, the conflict of Jin’s true form was solved when the monkey king changed Danny back to Jin. After that happens The Monkey King talks to Jin and helps him realize how good it is to be an American born Chinese and except the way he is. The novel ends with Jin helping Wei Chen to learn to accept himself. In the book Jin kisses Wei Chen’s girlfriend, and that leads Wei Chen and Jin’s friendship. After that Wei Chen does not want to be a server to Jin, and then he rebels. In the end Jin meets Wei Chen at a café and Jin apologizes and they patch thing up and become friends again. I have not experienced a similar situation like the monkey king’s and Jin’s. Just reading the book makes me think, is this my true form and is this who I want to be?


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