Transformation By Zoe

The Book American Born Chinese by Gene Luang Yang, has three stories. The main focus of this piece is one story where the author introduces the main character Jin as a Chinese American boy. During his childhood, Jin and his other Chinese friends loved to play with their transformer toys. The transformer symbolizes transformation from who we really are to someone we want to be like.The herbalist’s wife states to Jin, “It’s easy to become anything you wish, so long as you are willing to forfeit your soul.” (page 28) This means you can become anything or anyone you want, as long as you are willing to give up on who you are as a person and turn into something that you are not. The statement that Yang gives us is very true because if you try to be something that you aren’t then you are not being the true you. For example, in the book (Page 97) Jin likes the character Amelia. He sees that Amelia is flirting with the popular kid in the grade Greg, who has a curly hair. Jin decides that if he gets a curly hair, Amelia will like him more because of how he looks instead of who he really is on the inside. In other words, Jin cannot accept who he really is so he tries to change himself for the likings of others. Many people in this world would change how they look and act for popularity, wealth, or being famous. There is in nothing the world important enough for anyone to give up their soul or who they are. We should all live our own lives and not someone else’s. Overall, Jin Wang is different than everyone else, but he shouldn’t try to be them rather than being himself. This story can teach the readers to be themselves because people should like you for you and not for the mask you are putting on.


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