Reveal Your True Form by Luci

In American Born Chinese, Gene Yang helps readers to understand that people need a sage to help them value who they truly are. Although, most people think that only parents are the only wise people that can help, most of the time they aren’t. The first person in the story to be helped is the Monkey King, he was helped by a god name Tze-Yo-Tzuh. In the story, the Monkey King changes to become more powerful, he changes to please someone else, when he does this Tze-Yo-Tzuh tests the idea of be the Great Sage, Equal of Heaven. Tze-Yo-Tzuh puts the Monkey King under a pile of rocks for 500 years. Then, Tze-Yo-Tzuh sends a monk to help him, at first the Monkey King does not want help. But when the monk gets attacked by two trolls, the Monkey King is forced to help. Once he helped the monk he then called the monk “master.” This shows that The Monkey King finally accepted who he was and decided to help the wounded monk. After the Monkey King went and helped Jin discover who he truly was and will forever be. On page 213 The Monkey King says “Now that I have revealed my true form, perhaps it is time to reveal yours… Jin Wang,” Jin then turns from the blond haired blue eyed all american boy, back to his true form. Later once Jin was helped to accept who he truly was he then went to Wei-Chen and began to bring back who he truly is. The Monkey King said that he could not help Wei-Chen because he would not listen. Jin waited at a diner until closing every day for a month until Wei-Chen came. When he finally came, Jin saw an image of Wei-Chen before he became a real boy. Jin then apologized for how he treated him when they were in Jr. High. When Wei-Chen needed someone to reveal his true self, it wasn’t his dad, it was Jin his best friend. Sometimes parents aren’t the only ones who can help.

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