Everyone Ruvs Chin-Kee! By Henry

In American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang a part of the story portrays the stereotypical Chinese character named Chin-kee in the form of a sitcom. Jin wanted to escape from his Chinese heritage and he becomes an American boy but from Danny’s perspective but Chin-kee is his reminder of his heritage. Chin-kee is Danny’s cousin who visits once a year. The relevance of it being like a TV show was because Danny/Jin just wanted to be a regular American boy and most TV shows portray American Families. Chin-kee was there to basically describe the true roots of Jin’s Chinese heritage. This ‘show’ is based on an all American family’s life but shows how Jin can’t truly escape his real Chinese heritage. Jin tried everything he could to become American. For example, he permed his hair, he asked out a white girl with a ‘jolt of confidence’ but he lost all of his friends to become a white boy. On page 48 through the rest of Chin-kee’s chapter there was laughter and clapping at Chin-kee’s stereotypical behaviors and looks. There was also a “Everyone Ruvs Chin-Kee!” with the accent when we first meet Chin-kee, like how they do it in the TV show “Everyone loves Raymond”. Danny chose to go to a different school because no one wanted to be friends with him after they had seen Chin-kee. When Chin-kee was being offended or doing something stupid there was always laughing or clapping even though this would not happen and this is not true.

His Website: Gene Luen Yang’s Website

His Book: American Born Chinese Amazon


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