Dreams Aren’t Always Real (by Nia)

“To find your true identity…within the will of Tze-Yo-Tzuh… is the highest of all freedoms.”


From reading the American Born Chinese (the main character) written by Gene Luen Yang http://geneyang.com/towards the end of the book found their true identity and got stripped of the mindset that you have to be the true American Boy. Jin the main character, was an Chinese decent born in America. He grew up having to move to different school because of his annoying cousin Chin-Kee. When Jin made it to middle he had met a boy named Wei-Chen who was his first friend, but that didn’t last that long. Jin was pressured into changing himself because of all the stereotypes that people saying about him. When Jin was young he was first stereotyped when a boy in his class asked if Jin eats dogs, and that carried on throughout the whole book and had an impact on the story. Each god helped the characters keep their traditional Chinese attitude and give them great words of the wiser. An example is on pg. 213 when Chin-Kee/Monkey King revealed himself and told Jin his background, it made Jin realize what had been going on around him and really had some tough questions for himself. The influence of the gods changes each way the character’s act, for Jin he really gets into the real world instead of living in the dream cloud. The way that the author illustrated Jin’s hair it represents how he wants to look like Greg and it also the cloud looking shape represents his dream. One last example is on pg. 145 when Tze-Yo-Tzuh told the Monkey King that he was not in his true self and that he needed to change himself. This made Monkey King become a god and repeated the same words to Jin, and it made Jin change himself.  Overall, the way that the author included the gods, it changed each character’s mindset.



American Born Chinese, page 145


American Born Chinese, page 213


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