The experience of the immigrant that not so humor by Eric

American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang it tells the story of Jin who is an American-born Chinese


American Born Chinese, page 32

, and how he find out that who he is. Gene Luen Yang employs a lot of light experiences that are not so humorous for the immigrants that experience them, but we often laugh at them. American often tease others for different aspects of their culture. For example, when Jin is eating dumpling, Timmy made fun with him. And also, when Chin-Kee is eating lunch, there is a dying cat in the noodle. Gene Luen  Yang put this kind of things to reflection the real life. The other example of how immigrants suffer from ignorance is by Americans’ assumptions about a different culture. In the book, Timmy said that Chinese people eat dogs, but that’s not totally true.  Also in that book, the student thinks that all Asians are Chinese and that’s ridiculous. In my real life, I also have experienced this kind of things. When I was in 6 grade in my math class, I have a wrong answer then someone starts to laugh at me, and I feel really hurt.    


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