“It’s Easy To Forfeit Your Soul” but is it right? by Andrea

“It’s easy to become anything you wish, so long as you’re willing to forfeit your soul” is the overall moral of American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang throughout this book the Money King, Jin, and Wei-Chen learn this lesson the hard way.  They all think being something else can solve their problems permanently. But they find out with each other’s help that it’s easy to become something you’re not but it doesn’t always mean it’s right or it solves any problems. What GLY was trying to hint out and teaches us was Although life can be hard and changing everything about you might sound like the obvious answer. It’s not. Jin, Monkey King, and Wei-Chen all learned who you were destined to be was better than you’d ever know. That your destiny is hidden away in a “Lock Box” until YOU find it. When Jin became Danny, he thought that it He would finally be accepted by the American community, That he’d finally received the American Dream. Really what he found out was he’d still have to deal with the racism tanks to Chin-Kee… or is it the monkey king? After a fight Wei-Chen and Jin had the Monkey King jumped on that opportunity to show Jin a life lesson. In a dream Jin had, Jin became Danny. Later Jin… I mean Danny meet the Monkey King or Chin-Kee for that matter. Chin-Kee making Danny relive all of the past problems every year he’d visit. Until Jin… I mean Danny had enough and tried to teach Chin-Kee a lesson. Danny pops Chin-Kee’s head off revealing the Monkey King… What?! I know right, my same reaction. Danny turns back into Jin and The Monkey King sums up the lesson he’d tried to teach Jin. Jin later goes on to teach Wei-Chen the lesson his dad, THE MONKEY KING”… yea…. Wei-Chen’s a monkey…. Was trying to teach him overall creating the Again and Again annotation. The lesson these characters were taught was, the moral of the ABC, The question I’m answering, and a life lesson describing all people: Life is hard, but changing isn’t the answer. Yes people ARE  racist, there area always people like that, but it’s not like this world is fair. When I was younger I wouldn’t pay attention in class or during a project. I was always told by my “friends” “Hey Andrea can you stop drawing and pay attention because “it’s not fair” for you to not pay attention and us too?” I put “” over It’s not fair because as life’s not fair. I look back on this and relate this station to everything else going on. One of my response I thought of now that it’s been so long is “It’s not like the teacher told you to listen” or “Life’s not fair!” but all I said was “Mind your own bee’s wax!” which got me in trouble. I Don’t necessary think it’s wrong to change you are It’s not like it’s illegal but I don’t think it’s right. Changing who you are does change you over all. You are born into a family, You are that way, Skin/hair/eyes/etc., You can change everything but  it doesn’t change who you were or will be. People will always remember no matter how many interview/lies/or money you pay to change it. “Someone’s life may be “perfect” now but It wasn’t always or will be like that.” This is a quote I life by. I have had a ruff life from being bullied at my old school to losing so many relatives. Things will only get better and Changing things wouldn’t help. If I was to change I feel I would be losing A LOT of who I am or who I was encouraged to be. Sure I’ve made some little changes that honesty really helped. Honestly a person would give up so many important things unique to that person. You would be giving up heritage. Setting examples for ones that looked up to you for the reason you changed. It hurts in the end to change. If you answer is “I’m forfeiting because I’ll be popular” Then you’ve been living under a rock for too long because it should be “nothing”. It’s worth nothing. So many people think changing is good and now they realize it’s not. I think it foreshadows the story because Throughout the book the characters learn this story and realize being them was better than what they thought was better.




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