Don’t Stop Believing by Gracie


America Born Chinese, Page 212


It is possible to be whatever you want, with some limitations and some setbacks. But those are just obstacles that will not always be there. In the book American Born Chinese” by Gene Luen Yang, no matter what you do you always have to try your hardest and put in your full effort. Also,  by saying “you have to be willing to forfeit your soul,” this means that you have to be willing to do anything in your power to be what you want to become. Of course, there are some limitations with being and doing what you want. For example, when jin kissed his best friends girlfriend,on page 188, he didn’t do this for himself, he was trying to fit in because he thought that he was being judged and just wanted to fit in, yet this does not make his actions acceptable. That would be an example of when it is not ok to change yourself. Another example, would be when Jin didn’t feel like he was fitting in so he started thinking of ways to fit in more, and on page 97-98 he got a perm and he thought by doing that it would classify him as more of an american boy.  Usually there are more good things about change then bad. For example, in the beginning on page 29 when the herbalist was telling Jin that he could be anything but he would have to be willing to forfeit his soul. This is foreshadowing many things, for example on page 165 Jin and Amelia were at the movie theater together, and Jin knew that he wanted to be there with her but he was nervous. He had to dedicate himself to her and make the date go well.  Also on page 97, he was in class thinking and he finally came up with the idea to get a perm.  He thought that it would make him feel more like an american boy and help him feel more comfortable around school so that people could classify him a “white boy”. Yes some bad things can come from changes, but, there are always good things that can come too.


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