Change by Ryan


American Born Chinese, page 194

In Gene Yang’s American Born Chinese there are two main characters that change themselves to be accepted. The Monkey King and Jin willing to change themselves to become accepted. Gene Yang uses these two different characters to show how people change ways to become accepted. For example in the Monkey King’s story he tries to change his identity to become extraordinary. In another story line, Jin, moved from San Francisco to a white suburb, he becomes sad because he had chinese heritage and can’t fit in. Jin tries to change his personality to fit in with the “normal people.” He believes if he can change his personality he will become “normal.” For example on page 98 jin changes his hair to look like the popular boy’s so it can make him look like a american boy. In the Monkey king story he tried to become legendary and godly but he lost sight of who he truly was.  In the stories the characters both Jin and the Monkey king change themselves to become something else but lose themselves getting there. For example the Monkey king tries to prove that no one is better than him and is not the nice small monkey he used to be. To sum everything up, the characters in the story American Born Chinese jin and the monkey king are willing to change who they are in order to become popular in jin’s case but godly in the Monkey King’s case.


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