Autism Paragraph…..Nia

Throughout the book Rules, David’s parents never paid a lot of attention to him, he required a lot of attention, but they were never really there for him. His mom was always busy on the phone, and his dad was always at work. In the story we figure out that he does therapy and his sister Katherine is always taking care of him. It causes Katherine to have conflict with her parents because they always make her watch him. Katherine then realizes that David is normal and a good brother.

Even though we don’t hear a lot from David, Katherine explains that she just wants a normal family. She meets a girl name Kristi and tries to make her brother irrelevant, but that doesn’t quite work out. She sticks up for him when a boy named Ryan tries to pull pranks on him, and realizes that David is the most normal he can be.

David’s parents are never really around for him. His mom takes him to therapy, but his dad never does anything. His mom has a job that requires consist phone calls. So she doesn’t give him a lot attention. Katherine makes rules for him so he can appear more normal.

So to conclude this kids that have disabilities need parents and siblings that can be aware and hands on with their child 24/7.


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