The experience of the immigrant that not so humor by Eric

American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang it tells the story of Jin who is an American-born Chinese


American Born Chinese, page 32

, and how he find out that who he is. Gene Luen Yang employs a lot of light experiences that are not so humorous for the immigrants that experience them, but we often laugh at them. American often tease others for different aspects of their culture. For example, when Jin is eating dumpling, Timmy made fun with him. And also, when Chin-Kee is eating lunch, there is a dying cat in the noodle. Gene Luen  Yang put this kind of things to reflection the real life. The other example of how immigrants suffer from ignorance is by Americans’ assumptions about a different culture. In the book, Timmy said that Chinese people eat dogs, but that’s not totally true.  Also in that book, the student thinks that all Asians are Chinese and that’s ridiculous. In my real life, I also have experienced this kind of things. When I was in 6 grade in my math class, I have a wrong answer then someone starts to laugh at me, and I feel really hurt.    


Autism Paragraph…..Nia

Throughout the book Rules, David’s parents never paid a lot of attention to him, he required a lot of attention, but they were never really there for him. His mom was always busy on the phone, and his dad was always at work. In the story we figure out that he does therapy and his sister Katherine is always taking care of him. It causes Katherine to have conflict with her parents because they always make her watch him. Katherine then realizes that David is normal and a good brother.

Even though we don’t hear a lot from David, Katherine explains that she just wants a normal family. She meets a girl name Kristi and tries to make her brother irrelevant, but that doesn’t quite work out. She sticks up for him when a boy named Ryan tries to pull pranks on him, and realizes that David is the most normal he can be.

David’s parents are never really around for him. His mom takes him to therapy, but his dad never does anything. His mom has a job that requires consist phone calls. So she doesn’t give him a lot attention. Katherine makes rules for him so he can appear more normal.

So to conclude this kids that have disabilities need parents and siblings that can be aware and hands on with their child 24/7.

Don’t Stop Believing by Gracie


America Born Chinese, Page 212


It is possible to be whatever you want, with some limitations and some setbacks. But those are just obstacles that will not always be there. In the book American Born Chinese” by Gene Luen Yang, no matter what you do you always have to try your hardest and put in your full effort. Also,  by saying “you have to be willing to forfeit your soul,” this means that you have to be willing to do anything in your power to be what you want to become. Of course, there are some limitations with being and doing what you want. For example, when jin kissed his best friends girlfriend,on page 188, he didn’t do this for himself, he was trying to fit in because he thought that he was being judged and just wanted to fit in, yet this does not make his actions acceptable. That would be an example of when it is not ok to change yourself. Another example, would be when Jin didn’t feel like he was fitting in so he started thinking of ways to fit in more, and on page 97-98 he got a perm and he thought by doing that it would classify him as more of an american boy.  Usually there are more good things about change then bad. For example, in the beginning on page 29 when the herbalist was telling Jin that he could be anything but he would have to be willing to forfeit his soul. This is foreshadowing many things, for example on page 165 Jin and Amelia were at the movie theater together, and Jin knew that he wanted to be there with her but he was nervous. He had to dedicate himself to her and make the date go well.  Also on page 97, he was in class thinking and he finally came up with the idea to get a perm.  He thought that it would make him feel more like an american boy and help him feel more comfortable around school so that people could classify him a “white boy”. Yes some bad things can come from changes, but, there are always good things that can come too.

Think before you laugh by Addison


American Born Chinese, page 48

In American Born Chinese a book by Gene Luen Yang is about a Chinese-American boy who has identity issues when he moves into a primarily white neighborhood, the author, Gene Yang, uses comic relief to draw attention to the topic of stereotypes that may be uncomfortable to the reader.  When Gene Yang uses humor for comic relief it is usually something we shouldn’t be laughing about. In a PBS Newshour interview by Joshua Barajas, Gene Yang says “Sometimes a stereotype need to be dressed up in bright yellow skin for people to recognize its severity.” For example, readers laugh at the stereotype filled story line of Chin-Kee but there are really offensive stereotypes. On page 48, the reader laughed at the funny pronunciation of words and Chin-Kee’s remarks to Amelia, the girl Danny has a crush on. Those were a couple examples of when the reader shouldn’t laugh at something that is offensive yet we do.

People have laughed at serious things in my lifetime also. This lesson struck home because of a family connection to where people laugh at things that aren’t always funny. In the past years my grandma’s health has been deteriorating, and dementia and the great deal of medicine keeping her alive has taken its toll on her mentally. She has started seeing things and while this sometimes funny it isn’t when she makes my grandpa do something about it. For example, she wakes my grandpa up in the middle of the night because she thinks she saw a mouse when there wasn’t anything there. When I tell some people this it seems funny to them and sometimes they laugh, but it is a very serious issue because neither of them are getting much sleep which is not helping either of their health’s.

My life has some parallel issues to the book. People need to check their own biases because they’re often not true and ignorant. Many times stereotypes are just ignorant, but they become more serious when they are fueled by malice. If the reader could apply lessons learned from the book the world would be a better, more understanding, place. To sum everything up, Gene Yang uses comic relief in the book for a couple of things. One is to bring attention to thing we do in our everyday lives that could be offensive to others. The other is to use stereotypes to prove the theme of the story which is that you can’t escape your true identity.




Change by Ryan


American Born Chinese, page 194

In Gene Yang’s American Born Chinese there are two main characters that change themselves to be accepted. The Monkey King and Jin willing to change themselves to become accepted. Gene Yang uses these two different characters to show how people change ways to become accepted. For example in the Monkey King’s story he tries to change his identity to become extraordinary. In another story line, Jin, moved from San Francisco to a white suburb, he becomes sad because he had chinese heritage and can’t fit in. Jin tries to change his personality to fit in with the “normal people.” He believes if he can change his personality he will become “normal.” For example on page 98 jin changes his hair to look like the popular boy’s so it can make him look like a american boy. In the Monkey king story he tried to become legendary and godly but he lost sight of who he truly was.  In the stories the characters both Jin and the Monkey king change themselves to become something else but lose themselves getting there. For example the Monkey king tries to prove that no one is better than him and is not the nice small monkey he used to be. To sum everything up, the characters in the story American Born Chinese jin and the monkey king are willing to change who they are in order to become popular in jin’s case but godly in the Monkey King’s case.

Classics Being Banned By: Kate

           What are differences between Catherine and David’s
needs, why do David’s needs always come before Catherine’s needs? David has
autism and that does make things harder but should he be getting everything he wants?
Catherine ask for new color pencils and her mom said she could work for them,
but then later that day David asked for a video at the store and he got it,
should that be fair? When David watches TV or listen to a tape he watches and
listens to it on repeat.  Are David’s parents the reason he expects
everything he wants he’ll get. David gets to get a video at the store every day
and when Catherine wants one she won’t get it right away like David. In my
opinion I think David’s parents feel it’s their fault for him having Autism so
they try to make up for it. Is that Normal? I know at my house my parents try
to make it as equal as possible. When I was younger my dad and I would go to
the zoo once a month, the first time I went I got a stuffed animal, so the
first time my brother came he really wanted a toy  so he got it. I think
that is fair because I had already gotten a toy just before. What do you think
is the right way? Think.   


“It’s Easy To Forfeit Your Soul” but is it right? by Andrea

“It’s easy to become anything you wish, so long as you’re willing to forfeit your soul” is the overall moral of American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang throughout this book the Money King, Jin, and Wei-Chen learn this lesson the hard way.  They all think being something else can solve their problems permanently. But they find out with each other’s help that it’s easy to become something you’re not but it doesn’t always mean it’s right or it solves any problems. What GLY was trying to hint out and teaches us was Although life can be hard and changing everything about you might sound like the obvious answer. It’s not. Jin, Monkey King, and Wei-Chen all learned who you were destined to be was better than you’d ever know. That your destiny is hidden away in a “Lock Box” until YOU find it. When Jin became Danny, he thought that it He would finally be accepted by the American community, That he’d finally received the American Dream. Really what he found out was he’d still have to deal with the racism tanks to Chin-Kee… or is it the monkey king? After a fight Wei-Chen and Jin had the Monkey King jumped on that opportunity to show Jin a life lesson. In a dream Jin had, Jin became Danny. Later Jin… I mean Danny meet the Monkey King or Chin-Kee for that matter. Chin-Kee making Danny relive all of the past problems every year he’d visit. Until Jin… I mean Danny had enough and tried to teach Chin-Kee a lesson. Danny pops Chin-Kee’s head off revealing the Monkey King… What?! I know right, my same reaction. Danny turns back into Jin and The Monkey King sums up the lesson he’d tried to teach Jin. Jin later goes on to teach Wei-Chen the lesson his dad, THE MONKEY KING”… yea…. Wei-Chen’s a monkey…. Was trying to teach him overall creating the Again and Again annotation. The lesson these characters were taught was, the moral of the ABC, The question I’m answering, and a life lesson describing all people: Life is hard, but changing isn’t the answer. Yes people ARE  racist, there area always people like that, but it’s not like this world is fair. When I was younger I wouldn’t pay attention in class or during a project. I was always told by my “friends” “Hey Andrea can you stop drawing and pay attention because “it’s not fair” for you to not pay attention and us too?” I put “” over It’s not fair because as life’s not fair. I look back on this and relate this station to everything else going on. One of my response I thought of now that it’s been so long is “It’s not like the teacher told you to listen” or “Life’s not fair!” but all I said was “Mind your own bee’s wax!” which got me in trouble. I Don’t necessary think it’s wrong to change you are It’s not like it’s illegal but I don’t think it’s right. Changing who you are does change you over all. You are born into a family, You are that way, Skin/hair/eyes/etc., You can change everything but  it doesn’t change who you were or will be. People will always remember no matter how many interview/lies/or money you pay to change it. “Someone’s life may be “perfect” now but It wasn’t always or will be like that.” This is a quote I life by. I have had a ruff life from being bullied at my old school to losing so many relatives. Things will only get better and Changing things wouldn’t help. If I was to change I feel I would be losing A LOT of who I am or who I was encouraged to be. Sure I’ve made some little changes that honesty really helped. Honestly a person would give up so many important things unique to that person. You would be giving up heritage. Setting examples for ones that looked up to you for the reason you changed. It hurts in the end to change. If you answer is “I’m forfeiting because I’ll be popular” Then you’ve been living under a rock for too long because it should be “nothing”. It’s worth nothing. So many people think changing is good and now they realize it’s not. I think it foreshadows the story because Throughout the book the characters learn this story and realize being them was better than what they thought was better.