Why Can’t I find this book in the library? by Zoe

Many people think that certain books with LGBTQ people, sex, high violence and sometimes even magic should be banned from public schools and libraries. I on the other hand disagree. First of all, people like to read a variety of books for a variety of different reasons. Because the U.S. is so diverse, there are people that are LGBTQ, people who have been abused sexually, verbally, and physically and people who have been involved in and/or experienced a lot of violence themselves. These books that have been challenge give those people something to relate to instead of asking someone about what had happened to them for fear of being judged. Another reason why I think books shouldn’t be banned, is that our society should be able to read whatever they would like. America is a free country which means that we are able to read, watch, or listen to whatever we want. If a person wants to read a book that is challenged, I don’t think they should be restrained from it just because somebody believes the content in that book isn’t good for their family to read. I agree that kids should not read adult book, but those adult books are still out there for kids to take if they want, so why shouldn’t challenged books be there too? Libraries have adult, teen, and kid sections because some books have content that is too intense for younger readers. These challenged books should be put in a different section because some readers like books with more intensity than others. Overall, I think that all books should be put in libraries so that everyone can find a book that they can relate to and enjoy.


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