What is Normal? By: Luci

People find autism embarrassing because of unexpected behaviors. Firstly, sometimes people with autism have tantrums that can be scary for those who are inexperienced. For example in Rules, when David, Catherine, and their dad were in the video store, David had a tantrum and a random guy came over and just stared because he had probably never seen something like it before. Also, Grace Bourne said that sometime when they are in the mall with Mac she is afraid he is going to a tantrum. People with autism are misunderstood as “weird” or “not normal” just because of the way they act. In the book when Jason was at OT the speech therapist was talking to him like he was stupid just because he was different or “not normal”. Also, when Catherine introduced Jason to Kristi, Kristi was mean about it just because she thought he was different. Lastly, I think that family members of an autistic person are the only people that really understand them. For example, Catherine is the only one who really understands David, and tells him what to do and she also knows what he needs. Catherine is the one that understands Jason and knows that Jason has so much going on in his head, he just can’t express it. In conclusion, sometimes people stereotypically think that people with disabilities are stupid or don’t understand what “normal” people can and that is what Cynthia Lord was trying to show in her book, there is no normal everyone is their own kind of normal.


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