Book Banning by Skylar

Books should not be banned from public libraries. Different genres and experiences in books are good and help you grow and learn as a reader. The book Bridge to Terabithia was banned yet it teaches several life lessons like dealing with bullies, all he way to getting past extremely tough times like a close friend passing away. Books such as The Giver give you a very different perspective on how life could be and shows ways we can positively impact our own world. Banning books with a different caliber of reading than ordinary books makes us close-minded. Where’s Waldo, for example, is a challenging children’s or adults book where you literally are searching for the main character, Waldo. The Hunger Games also has the idea of a different type of government and different kinds of adventures. Some adults think that allowing kids to read material with violence or homosexuality in them, will in time make them behave differently. A book like “Two Boys Kissing” might be banned because of sexual content or homosexuality but just reading a book like this doesn’t necessarily change the person you are. Even books like The Holy Bible have been banned because they are supporting a type of religion that not all parents or adults agree with. In conclusion I do not think that any book should be banned from public libraries, yet some age-inappropriate books could be banned from public schools.


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