Banned Books Week by Kate C

Books, they are all different, we can alway count on them. But how would you feel your favorite book was suddenly taken away from you? If you ban a book it should just be from your house, if you’re not okay with a book just don’t read it.  People think children shouldn’t be exposed to the content in that book because they are minors. But being a minor writing this is is so stupid people think we can’t and won’t be able to handle it. They also say yes so they don’t have to deal with someone reading it in a public place and then talking about it. But don’t forget about this thing called the constitution. Others say no we shouldn’t ban books. Cause even though a book might have sexual content, cursing, or have homosexuality it can still be a good book.  People always immediately think that, if a book has cursing, it is not a good book well HELLO have you ever read Harry Potter or To Kill a Mockingbird? Another reason to not ban books is just because you may not like the book doesn’t mean everyone agrees with you. What if you were told that your favorite book is a banned and no matter what you can’t read it. How would you feel? My opinion is that people should be allowed to read whatever they want to read. People get so caught up sometimes and only think about themselves they don’t think about how it can affect others. If you don’t like a just tell you kid not to read it or just don’t get the book. Books most kids don’t like them, but some really do, don’t add to the reasons why kids think they don’t have to read.



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