Balancing Needs by Kate C

In Cynthia Lord’s Rules what are differences between Catherine and David’s needs, why do David’s needs always come before Catherine’s needs? David has autism, and that does make things harder but should he be getting everything he wants? Catherine ask for new color pencils, and her mom said she could work for them, but then later that day David asked for a video at the store, and he got it, should that be fair? When David watches TV or listens to a tape, he watches and listens to it on repeat.  Are David’s parents the reason he expects everything he wants he’ll get. David gets to get a video at the store every day and when Catherine wants one she won’t get it right away like David. In my opinion, David’s parents feel it’s their fault for him having Autism so they try to make up for it. Is that Normal? I know at my house my parents try to make it as equal as possible. When I was younger my dad and I would go to the zoo once a month, the first time I went I got a stuffed animal, so the first time my brother came he really wanted a toy,  so he got it. I think that is fair because I had already gotten a toy just before. What do you think is the right way? Think.   



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