Autistic people really aren’t that different. By Zoe

People with autistic siblings stand out in a crown more than others. In the book Rules, David frequently does embarrassing things in public that embarrass Catherine and make her think that her social status as a middle school student is lower than others. One morning when Catherine and David are outside, he starts screaming because his dad isn’t on time to pick him up to go to the video store. We learned from Gracey Borne (Whitfield ’19) who has an autistic brother that when things are not the same way as they were the day before, they will have violent fits that include screaming, crying, and sometimes breaking things. Another example is when in rules, Catherine is always taking care of David which is a lot harder than taking care of a non-autistic sibling because they are incapable of a lot more things than we are. For example, when David is watching a movie and the videocassette instead of doing it himself, Catherine has to do it for him. Also, Gracey Borne (Whitfield ’19) told us that she often has to remind her brother to do small things such as closing the bathroom door, or keeping his pants on in public. Autistic people frequently have tantrums. Like I said previously, if every day isn’t on the same schedule, or there is a change without warning they will either scream a lot, or have tantrums. Gracey told us about a time when Mac (her autistic brother) had a tantrum in the car because of a lot of tension that was held between their family that day. They pulled over and he started screaming and ran into the woods. They eventually caught up to him and calmed him down but like I said, sometimes these tantrums can go really far. Overall, there are a lot of autistic people in the world and I think that we should respect them and not treat them any differently than we treat the rest of society. Even though autistic people can be embarrassing, they are not much different than you.


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