Why do some people judge? By Henry

Why do some people normally judge different people? First, Rosie King thinks that people don’t like variety. She says that some people stereotype, for instance, people with autism with being bad. Even though, from Rules by Cynthia Lord, Jason is actually really intelligent but his speech therapist is not able to notice that. Speaking of Jason being intelligent, people judge him because he is in a wheelchair. This can be related to Rosie King’s experience with her younger brothers who are also non-verbal but are still very smart.  Another instance of Rosie being stereotyped was when something good happened in her world she would scream or run, in for instance, the middle of class. Some people who make assumptions tend to not know any better. For example, when Ryan messed around with the gum with David in Rules everything turned into chaos. Even though it was intended to be a joke. I think that it is wrong to judge people because you don’t know what is really happening.


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