Why Be Normal? by Kaitlyn

People with siblings that have disabilities try hard to be seen as normal will try to hide from society the fact that their siblings have a disability like when Catherine was talking to the movers and tells David to remember his “rules” but David doesn’t and Catherine is embarrassed so she lies to them and says she has to go on page 7. Also, when David and Catherine were waiting for their late Dad when he got upset and yelled “the whole world is covered with buttons and not one of them is mine!” a girl was staring at them and asked if they needed help finding his button and Catherine said “oh  no thanks” and hurried away on page 37. When someone judges your sibling is judged my someone or teased you get upset and feel the need to stand up for them like when Ryan said “you can’t jump?” then told him to jump making David look funny Catherine got upset and said “stop” because she doesn’t like people telling him what to do. Ryan isn’t a nice friend to David. For example on page 109 David asked if he could have some gum and Ryan gave him an empty wrapper which made David cry, this made Catherine furious so she yelled “jerk” at him. From these examples you can see that knowing someone with autism can be very stressful. For Grace she would get upset when her brother Mac would have a break down in public or when her Dad and brother got into a fight over mac and cheese. We see how people like Catherine try so hard to fit in and be normal, but why?


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