Should Books Be Banned? By Henry

Should books be banned? Many people have different thoughts on the topic. Some arguments state that books with language, nudity, violence and many other ideas in that realm should be censored for children. Other say that books in community/public places such as schools should not be banned. This is because it is the choice of the child and they should have the freedom to choose. Some of the reasons books are ‘challenged’ are because they could question things such as religious belief and homosexuality. Some parents think that is it good for their child to be free in a way and make the but others want their children to be ‘perfect’. Examples of this could be witchcraft, talking animals or age inappropriate. People don’t ban books in Private Schools and households only in public schools/libraries some books can be banned. There are different opinions about this debate and it will not end anytime soon where everyone can come to an agreement.


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