Book Banning… Is it Right? By: Addison

I don’t think books should be banned from public spaces. One reason is that not all books are banned that should be. Some include Divergent, and Hunger Games; In both of these there is a lot of violence. I believe that if we are going to ban books like Bridge to Teribithia then all books with violence should be banned. Another reason is that just because a certain group of people don’t want their children to read a book doesn’t mean that other children shouldn’t. An example is Harry Potter, if you don’t want your child to read about witches and wizards that doesn’t mean others can’t. Also, your children should be able to differ a book and actually being a witch. I don’t believe that censorship is good because of the First Amendment. It states that we can say or write whatever we want. Therefore people should ban books because that would be a violation of rights. I believe some of the books that are banned shouldn’t be because there’s really nothing wrong with them.


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