Banning Books? Seriously? By Luci

Books should not be banned in middle schools. Books offer safe opportunities for kids to learn life lessons. For example, in Rules they show the readers how not to act people who aren’t “normal”, the book also questions “what is normal?”. Another example is from the book Fish in a Tree; the main character is “not normal” so everyone in her class treats her that way until a new teacher comes and shows the class that everyone is different and just because someone could be different doesn’t mean they aren’t “normal.” Books provide intellectual freedom. Picking out your own book is a sort of freedom, so when parents banned certain book it takes that privilege away. When parents banned certain books, and we can only read the “ok” books, those may not interest kids and who may mean that they won’t want to read. Some parents think that if their kids read it, they will do it, this fact is wrong. When parents assume if kids read it they will do it, that takes away trust. Also, how do parents know for sure, their kids are going to it if they see it? That is likes assuming if your friends ask you to jump off a bridge you would do it. In conclusion, if parents continue to ban books then kids could be affected in ways that may have been worse than some of the things that cause parents to ban books.


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