Banned Books: My Opinion by Nia

Books are constantly banned in our country, whether it’s due to books about homosexuality, transgender books, or anything else. In some of the articles I read, I found that people have different views when it comes to banned books. Some parents believe that if their kids read a book called “I Am Jazz” could influence their kids to become gay, lesbian, or transgender. One example is from Butler University, they made a poll showing the types of people who initiate these books being banned. The poll showed parents were the highest ranking, and the lowest ranking was political/elected official. Also in their article Butler University made another poll showing the reason why these books were banned. The highest ranking was sexually explicit things, and the lowest ranking was offensive items and technical errors. In my opinion if a big group of people all agreed to ban a certain book then that book should be banned. From all of the books I read, I think that books that have content that is inappropriate for kids 13+, then they need to be banned from libraries. In conclusion if parents don’t want their kids to read a certain book, then they have the right to fight for it to be banned.


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