Banned Books by Kaitlyn

Should books be banned from schools?

The Holy Bible is on the 2015 challenged books list. This is wrong because people should be able to read about their Religion and learn new things about themselves. Parents don’t want their Children to know about homosexuality or things they don’t believe in but children should be able to learn things and ask questions and believe in what they want to. Bridge to Terabithia is also on the banned books list because of violence and too sad for all children. This book shouldn’t be on the banned because school districts and parents are making assumptions that all kids can’t handle this book when some can. This book has a powerful impact on friendship and reality, not everything in life is easy like in children’s book, this book is a growing up book. If parents don’t want their child, a certain book then brings it up to the school and decide certain books that won’t be added to readable books, or parents could just keep their Child from reading it. It’s not fair to take books away from kids. The school board can have a meeting about books that they don’t want in their libraries, they shouldn’t take the book from everyone; that is not fair. In conclusion, books should bot be banned, everyone has their own opinion and different likes, but just because one parent doesn’t like a book doesn’t mean it should be taken away from all kids.


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