American Born Chinese Six Word Character Memoirs

I lied to myself and lost.  – Kaitlyn

I use 500 years to accept. – Eric

I’m way more than I appear-Addison

I just want to fit it. Grace

I’m not who you think I am. ~Miranda

I’m a walking, talking stereo type.-Kate E

I will always come back here- Ryan

I don’t see the person I am. – Kate C

Listen, you can accept yourself. – Nia S

I’m me, you’re you, that’s okay.  Zoe

Boy wants girlfriend; boy loses BFF. ~Andrea B.

I camouflage, but that’s not me. Henry

Get Perm! Fit In!  a little. Luci

She looked at me, then blur. By Skylar


Balancing Needs by Kate C

In Cynthia Lord’s Rules what are differences between Catherine and David’s needs, why do David’s needs always come before Catherine’s needs? David has autism, and that does make things harder but should he be getting everything he wants? Catherine ask for new color pencils, and her mom said she could work for them, but then later that day David asked for a video at the store, and he got it, should that be fair? When David watches TV or listens to a tape, he watches and listens to it on repeat.  Are David’s parents the reason he expects everything he wants he’ll get. David gets to get a video at the store every day and when Catherine wants one she won’t get it right away like David. In my opinion, David’s parents feel it’s their fault for him having Autism so they try to make up for it. Is that Normal? I know at my house my parents try to make it as equal as possible. When I was younger my dad and I would go to the zoo once a month, the first time I went I got a stuffed animal, so the first time my brother came he really wanted a toy,  so he got it. I think that is fair because I had already gotten a toy just before. What do you think is the right way? Think.   


Banned Books Week by Kate C

Books, they are all different, we can alway count on them. But how would you feel your favorite book was suddenly taken away from you? If you ban a book it should just be from your house, if you’re not okay with a book just don’t read it.  People think children shouldn’t be exposed to the content in that book because they are minors. But being a minor writing this is is so stupid people think we can’t and won’t be able to handle it. They also say yes so they don’t have to deal with someone reading it in a public place and then talking about it. But don’t forget about this thing called the constitution. Others say no we shouldn’t ban books. Cause even though a book might have sexual content, cursing, or have homosexuality it can still be a good book.  People always immediately think that, if a book has cursing, it is not a good book well HELLO have you ever read Harry Potter or To Kill a Mockingbird? Another reason to not ban books is just because you may not like the book doesn’t mean everyone agrees with you. What if you were told that your favorite book is a banned and no matter what you can’t read it. How would you feel? My opinion is that people should be allowed to read whatever they want to read. People get so caught up sometimes and only think about themselves they don’t think about how it can affect others. If you don’t like a just tell you kid not to read it or just don’t get the book. Books most kids don’t like them, but some really do, don’t add to the reasons why kids think they don’t have to read.


Why Can’t I find this book in the library? by Zoe

Many people think that certain books with LGBTQ people, sex, high violence and sometimes even magic should be banned from public schools and libraries. I on the other hand disagree. First of all, people like to read a variety of books for a variety of different reasons. Because the U.S. is so diverse, there are people that are LGBTQ, people who have been abused sexually, verbally, and physically and people who have been involved in and/or experienced a lot of violence themselves. These books that have been challenge give those people something to relate to instead of asking someone about what had happened to them for fear of being judged. Another reason why I think books shouldn’t be banned, is that our society should be able to read whatever they would like. America is a free country which means that we are able to read, watch, or listen to whatever we want. If a person wants to read a book that is challenged, I don’t think they should be restrained from it just because somebody believes the content in that book isn’t good for their family to read. I agree that kids should not read adult book, but those adult books are still out there for kids to take if they want, so why shouldn’t challenged books be there too? Libraries have adult, teen, and kid sections because some books have content that is too intense for younger readers. These challenged books should be put in a different section because some readers like books with more intensity than others. Overall, I think that all books should be put in libraries so that everyone can find a book that they can relate to and enjoy.

What is Normal? By: Luci

People find autism embarrassing because of unexpected behaviors. Firstly, sometimes people with autism have tantrums that can be scary for those who are inexperienced. For example in Rules, when David, Catherine, and their dad were in the video store, David had a tantrum and a random guy came over and just stared because he had probably never seen something like it before. Also, Grace Bourne said that sometime when they are in the mall with Mac she is afraid he is going to a tantrum. People with autism are misunderstood as “weird” or “not normal” just because of the way they act. In the book when Jason was at OT the speech therapist was talking to him like he was stupid just because he was different or “not normal”. Also, when Catherine introduced Jason to Kristi, Kristi was mean about it just because she thought he was different. Lastly, I think that family members of an autistic person are the only people that really understand them. For example, Catherine is the only one who really understands David, and tells him what to do and she also knows what he needs. Catherine is the one that understands Jason and knows that Jason has so much going on in his head, he just can’t express it. In conclusion, sometimes people stereotypically think that people with disabilities are stupid or don’t understand what “normal” people can and that is what Cynthia Lord was trying to show in her book, there is no normal everyone is their own kind of normal.

Nothing but a Misunderstanding by Skylar

People with autism are misunderstood. They sometimes have trouble communicating and people don’t get what they are trying to say. Jason’s speech therapist treats him as if he is a baby because she doesn’t think he can understand what she’s saying to him. Also when Gracie’s brother has his tantrums, he starts screaming and crying and the people around him might not always know why because he can’t talk. People with autism are sometimes seen as weird or “not normal”. For example, again, when Gracie’s brother does throw tantrums, its usually because things did not happen in the exact order they were supposed to go. That is also what happened in the book Rules, to David when he wanted to go to the video store at exactly 5 o’clock. There are a couple ways that you can prevent autistic people from having these random out breaks. You could try make it that everything for them is always or as close to the same thing every day. Or you could make a way for them to communicate with you efficiently so you can always be clear on what they want and need. In conclusion, autistic people do unexpected things all the time, but sometimes you just have to find the little things that help you understand them and them understand you.

Autistic people really aren’t that different. By Zoe

People with autistic siblings stand out in a crown more than others. In the book Rules, David frequently does embarrassing things in public that embarrass Catherine and make her think that her social status as a middle school student is lower than others. One morning when Catherine and David are outside, he starts screaming because his dad isn’t on time to pick him up to go to the video store. We learned from Gracey Borne (Whitfield ’19) who has an autistic brother that when things are not the same way as they were the day before, they will have violent fits that include screaming, crying, and sometimes breaking things. Another example is when in rules, Catherine is always taking care of David which is a lot harder than taking care of a non-autistic sibling because they are incapable of a lot more things than we are. For example, when David is watching a movie and the videocassette instead of doing it himself, Catherine has to do it for him. Also, Gracey Borne (Whitfield ’19) told us that she often has to remind her brother to do small things such as closing the bathroom door, or keeping his pants on in public. Autistic people frequently have tantrums. Like I said previously, if every day isn’t on the same schedule, or there is a change without warning they will either scream a lot, or have tantrums. Gracey told us about a time when Mac (her autistic brother) had a tantrum in the car because of a lot of tension that was held between their family that day. They pulled over and he started screaming and ran into the woods. They eventually caught up to him and calmed him down but like I said, sometimes these tantrums can go really far. Overall, there are a lot of autistic people in the world and I think that we should respect them and not treat them any differently than we treat the rest of society. Even though autistic people can be embarrassing, they are not much different than you.