Snitch (Bea Catcher Chronicles, Book #2) by: Olivia Samms Review By TJ

I have read Snitch (Bea Catcher Chronicles, book 2) by Olivia Samms, and it is a great book. Yet I have not read the first installment of the Bea Catcher Chronicles, and still have yet to read it, this book showed great character and dialogue. Bea Catcher is the main character and she is the right type of character for this book series. She is very intelligent young lady that uses her skills for good. She can draw a person’s face and she can tell what they are thinking and their emotions. This book also shows how the lives of high school teenagers can affect others’ lives around them. Overall, this book is a great book for teenagers, especially the ones that are going into high school because it can show how much of a change high school is going to be to their lives.


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