Live and Let Die Book vs. Movie Comparison by Max W

For the Independent Reading project, I read Ian Fleming’s, Live and Let Die. Ian Fleming wrote 14 spy novels featuring super spy James Bond 007 (Licensed to Kill). Many of Ian Fleming’s books were turned into movies. The first movie was 1962’s Dr. No and the most recent was 2015’s Spectre. In 1973, Sir Roger Moore starred in his first James Bond Movie, Live and Let Die. After reading the book and watching the movie, I noticed three major differences between the two: the plot and action sequences, the use of spy gadgets, and the number of villains.

The plot and the action sequences are different in the movie than the book. Jumping over crocodiles, skydiving, and avoiding getting eaten by sharks or bitten by snakes are just a few of the crazy adventurous things that they added to the movie. The book moved slowly and it was harder to follow the plot. In the movie, James Bond was trying to stop Mr. Big from producing and selling heroine. In the book, James Bond was trying to stop Mr. Big from smuggling rare gold coins out of Jamaica. In the movie, James Bond seemed to travel everywhere but Jamaica. Also, there were many scenes that involved voodoo including one intense scene where one of James Bond’s fellow agents was killed by a snake.

There are many more spy gadgets in the movie than the book. James Bond’s movie gadgets include a wristwatch that can be used as a magnet, a hang glider, and even a gun that shoots bullets which expand the size of whatever it hits. It seems like no-matter what situation James Bond is in, he has something that can help him out. There are also some similarities of the gadgets used in the movie and the book. In both, James bond has a gun and an assortment of scuba-diving gear which includes a scuba-diving suit and underwater explosives.

Finally, the number of villains are different in the movie than the book. In the book, Mr. Big is the only villain. In the movie, not only is Mr. Big the villain, but so is Tee Hee, Whisper, and Baron Samedi. Tee Hee is a man who works for Mr. Big, and is significant because one of his hands is a claw from an accident involving a crocodile. Whisper is also someone who works for Mr. Big. Though he talks in a whisper, he is really strong and he can carry almost anything. Baron Samedi is supposed to represent a Voodoo spirit who is a “zombie” that could not die. In the Book, Mr. Big was nicknamed Baron Samedi because of his grayish skin and because he was able to hypnotize people using voodoo, which made people think that he was Baron Samedi and couldn’t be killed. Finally, Solitaire is a villain who turns into a heroine in both the movie and the book.

Overall, there were more differences between the book and the movie than similarities. The movie added many more action scenes and villains to engage and entertain the audience. Every James Bond movie fan looks forward to seeing the different gadgets and gizmos in each movie. I enjoyed comparing the movie to the book, and I am looking forward to reading Moonraker next and then comparing it to the movie.


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