Life by Terrell


6 thoughts on “Life by Terrell

  1. Terrell
    I really liked your outfit in the video, but the audio could use a whole lot of work, and you need to speak up because I didn’t really hear what you were saying. Besides that you did a great job with everything else like the examples you made. I look forward to seeing more work from you.


  2. Dear Terrell,
    I liked your video and I thought that you did a good job portraying Tom and I thought that it had very good content. I had a hard time hearing you sometimes and you sometimes slipped into a monotone voice. Besides those things i thought that it was very good


  3. Dear Terrell,
    I thought your costume was a brilliant idea for Tom. Your movements were a little limited, and I couldn’t quite hear you all the time, but the parts I did hear were great. I overall enjoyed your performance.
    Amazing work,


  4. Dear Terrell,
    I thought that your “costume” for Tom fit the character well. I also thought you played the part of Tom good, however I couldn’t really hear you in your video. But, I thought you did every well putting your opinion on the trial in it very well. You took your time and wasn’t rushing through the video.
    Great Job,


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