Judge Taylor’s Truth by Elijah


3 thoughts on “Judge Taylor’s Truth by Elijah

  1. I liked the transitions in your video, they really worked out. Although they sometimes cut into your speaking parts. Your tone was great! You really expressed you felt when you were talking about Tom and Atticus, and the setting was great. Also I liked that you used a wired phone in your video it brought a TKAM vibe in my mind.


  2. I liked your video. i think you could have used better lighting, and sometimes the transitions cut into parts of your sentences. i liked how you used a cord telephone instead of your iphone/smartphone.


  3. Elijah,
    I like how you started the video, walking in and sitting down. I like how you were aware of your surroundings and you were loud enough for the watcher to hear. Also, I noticed you messed up while you were talking to Atticus on the phone but, I like how you pushed through it and kept talking. I also liked how you took your time and talked and didn’t rush through it.
    Great Job,


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