Dill Monologue by Max


2 thoughts on “Dill Monologue by Max

  1. Max,
    I like your Dill monologue. I like how you incorporated Dill’s point of view throughout the book into the monologue and not just the point of view that we see in the book. I also liked how you did some of your video looking out the window and the other part writing the letter. It added an element of Dill so that we can see that all Dill wants to do is go back to Maycomb.
    Great Job,


  2. Max,
    I think you could have done a better job of not showing that you already wrote the latter, but now you know son you can do better next time. You played the part very well and I like how you were focused only on the video. Also, I like how you changed rooms. From looking out the window to writing the letter.


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