Poverty in St. Louis by Adam

Poverty is an extremely depressing topic. It is a heavy topic also, going into this writing piece I will give some brief background, I am Adam, I help at the greater St. Louis Area Foodbank about 15 times a year for three hours each time. Let’s do the math here, 15×3=45. This is about 45 hours a year.  I love to do this but I still wanted to know more.

One day not too long ago, I was driving on  Kingshighway Blvd. I was at a red light and saw a man, standing there with an old piece of cardboard that said: “I am a veteran, without a home, please help.” I then thought about the fact that everyone takes what they have for granted i.e.: Food, Technology, Nice Clothes, ETC, yet this man and many others have none. About 950,000 people are living below the poverty rate in our city. This is a problem to me.

I might have seen this video 50 times, but I always walk away feeling like not enough people have seen it.

So there is this problem now of people not having enough food, driving them to McDonald’s or Burger King or Wendy’s. This then increases obesity levels, causing higher medical bills. So, now you see it, they make poor decisions in the moment because they want to do what is right for them and their family. These things need to stop and I wish they could. The job market in some places is bad right now and that will prevent some from making better food decisions.

In my most recent read, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, Junior is poor and nobody helps him. This made me sad because he is a good kid and didn’t get good conditions. Then I looked into this and realized that he is so underprivileged that he will then learn the bad habits of drinking and using money poorly. This sends him into double trouble. This puts him as an alcoholic and out of money. He is now in poverty. It saddens me to see those begging for money in the city because they have survived hardships but they can’t get a job or can’t hold one down. This puts them farther in poverty. If you are in poverty you will most likely make terrible food choices such as McDonalds. If you make choices like this, you may become obese, making the stomach larger and the appetite bigger. This also sends up money problems for buying food.

If you can see as I can, you will see the circle of events. The circle of events are sometimes deadly because you could become homeless. There are a lot of stereotypes that are connected such as Indians. Like I previously referenced the book Junior is poor and he is self-conscious about being poor. This makes his self-esteem low at school as well as makes him miss school. The poverty train is one you and your loved ones do not want to be on. Think about the next homeless person you see and wonder when the last time they ate was, was it hours, days, weeks, and then think about yourself. When was the last time you ate, minutes, hours? Some people are afraid of the homeless but, I encourage you to be more comforted around the homeless and bring them a burger from McDonalds or a sandwich from Lions Choice or a sandwich from Subway. This will for sure brighten their day and most likely yours. Things like this are what makes America great.

Recently I read that Virginia is the very first state to end U.S. Military homelessness. This struck me and I was amazed. Put yourself in a veterans shoes, you just are getting home from fighting for your country and your life and what is your reward? No home, No food, No love. The Salvation Army and the goodwill are both organizations that you can donate to help with this and you can donate old toys and clothes. That is helpful to you because, you get a tax deduction which makes this a win/win situation for both parties involved. Now that we have covered the ways you can help I would like to say that I think donating to charity is one of the more important things in life because you are helping others and that is just the right thing, and I hope you feel so too. The poverty levels in this town are too high in my opinion and I wish we could change that, and we can, by working together, regardless of Race and place of origin. Next time you are looking to help someone go to the FoodBank. Here is there registry: http://stlfoodbank.org/get-involved/volunteer/    Thank you for reading and remember, WE CAN FIGHT HUNGER!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Poverty in St. Louis by Adam

  1. I like how you put us in a vetrains shoes of what they would come home to with no money. I agree with the fact that people that don’t have enough money will be going to fast food resturaunts and increase the obseity with food. I think you could have put a map of the poverty areas in America but overall I liked your blog post.



  2. Great post Adam! I feel that it really speaks to me because look at us we, have a ton of food that sometimes we just throw away because we don’t eat it. Some people in other parts of the world are starving and all the food they get they save but on average we waste more food in one day than someone would get in one week. Like I said I really like the post.


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