Poverty in St. Louis By Connor


In the downtown area poverty effects the city a lot. It effects the property values and increase burden for a local government. It also lowers levels of property investment. According to Thomas Gabe from the Congressional research, the poverty rate went from 11% to 14.3% causing safety, jobs, health, and stability issues.

An average income of a St. Louis household is $52,343. The number to be considered poverty is $23,050. Most family’s that are poor don’t have health insurance and they end up paying for medical expenses with their food money.

Poverty and the poor has had a big impact on St. Louis they have gone so far as taking out all the benches in a local park because homeless people were sleeping on them. It has an effect on children also. Children in school may not be able to concentrate because they haven’t eaten since the last night and over 57,090 students in St. Louis are enrolled in the free lunch program.

A local pantry said that they served 3,980 people in April and by August the number was 5,956. They said that they will be expecting a lot more. Those serving the poor say the new numbers are no surprise. The lasting effects of long-term high unemployment is forcing people who do not typically ask for assistance to do so.




5 thoughts on “Poverty in St. Louis By Connor

  1. Connor,
    We think that the topic you chose was great, and the way you wrote was great as well! We think that maybe adding a few transition sentences would be helpful, and also checking spelling and grammar also. The information you gave were very informative, and that helped us to understand how much poverty affects kids and adults.
    Great Job,
    Grace and Tonny


  2. Conner,
    I like the information you gave the reader on poverty in St. Louis. Has this changed your perspective on poor people/ family’s? I strongly believe that changing your picture would have made this post even better because I thought it was hard to understand. But, overall Good Job!!!


  3. Dear Conner,
    I liked your blog post!
    You had a lot of information that helped the reader think about the situation. Also, the chart helped support your points. One suggestion I have is to check your grammar.
    What do you think could be done to help show people how we can help people in need? Overall, great job!


  4. I learned more about our city and its poverty. I didn’t know that there were so many people that had eaten at food pantries in Saint Louis. Also, I never knew that the poverty rate went up. I’m kind of curious when this poverty rate was recorded.

    I liked your format of this topic. I liked how you organized your paragraphs and you made new topics for each paragraph. Maybe next time you could add more of your opinion and how this affects your life.

    Max L.


  5. Connor,

    I really like that you put in a graph and percents on poverty. You gave the reader true facts about poverty that helped the reader understand a lot more on how it affects America? One suggestion is to tell more effects on poverty and how it effects not only the poor but the whole world. Great Job!


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