True-Diary of a Part Time Indian: 4 stages of grief by David

The main character Junior in the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian By: Sherman Alexie deals with many losses throughout the book. This book is about him being bullied and being stereotyped and his rough life on the reservation. He went through the 4 of the 5 stages of grief, and they are acceptance, denial, anger, and depression.

Denial: Some people would deny that friends or family members are dead but, Junior could tried his best to do that with the death of his sister. “Your sister is gone” Miss Warren said. “I know she’s gone,” I said. “She lives in Montana now.” “No,” Miss Warren said. “Your sister, she’s dead.” After that Junior had to accept that his sister was gone and there was no way to get her back. I chose this one because it shows that Junior is trying to deny/avoid that he and his family are poor.


Anger: Junior builds up his anger in some parts of the book so he take them out on a bully from his school named Rodger and his best friend Rowdy. On page 65, Junior gets into a little argument with a bully from his school because he made a racist joke, so then Junior got so fed up with that he just had to punch him in the face. “So I punched Rodger in the face.” Another example is when he and Rowdy get into a fight. I don’t exactly remember the page number.

Depression: A lot of people of deal with depression, but Junior had to deal with it the most because his life on the rez and the death of his grandma, Eugene and his sister. On page 211. Junior is talking to his best friend Rowdy about it. “But she only got married so quickly and left the rez because I had left the rez first. She was only living in Montana in a cheap trailer house because I had gone to school in Reardan. She had burned to death because I had decided that I wanted to spend my life with white people. Another example is when he is describing how great his grandmother on page 155 he says, “She still hung on to that old-time Indian spirit you know?”

Acceptance: Junior had to accept a lot of things like when his grandmother died and his sister’s death. Like I said in my paragraph about “Denial” that Junior had to accept that his sister was dead and he couldn’t do anything about, I found an example on page 201, “That was it. I couldn’t fake my way around that. Dead is dead.” “I was stunned. But I wasn’t sad. The grief didn’t hit me right away. Junior had to accept that his sister died because of him, well not literally but mentally. She only left the rez because Junior was going to leave, so she felt like she could do what she wanted. After he left the rez he realized that bad things started to happen back home with the death of his grandma, and now he had to deal with his sister’s death.


 In conclusion, reading this book and experiencing what junior went through. I learned that you should never judge someone by their looks, the way they act, or even the way they talk. If you’re going to say something about somebody, don’t if you can’t say anything nice about that person then don’t say anything at all. Or just don’t mess with them or bother them.


3 thoughts on “True-Diary of a Part Time Indian: 4 stages of grief by David

  1. I really liked how you put your blog post in different categories! It makes it easy to navigate and read. Why did you choose to outline it that way? If I was to do what you did, I would have tried to find a picture from outside the book, as well as one from the book.


  2. David,
    What you have put together is fantastic. There is evidence at every corner quotes page numbers, everything. As I been looking and saw the other one doing the 5 stages of grief/death, I saw that no one could find anything for bargaining. The bargaining stage is to prevent the bad from happening. Junior’s way of doing this is through his drawings. I have a video on this if you want to check it out, it goes more into depth about how he uses the drawing for this stage. Besides that I could see no problems. It was engaging and I was curious the entire time. Keep up the good work.


  3. David,
    I also wrote about the 5 staged of grief. I found your article interesting where I was still learning new things. I also like how you added the picture of Junior looking up grief. That was something else I found interesting. One thing I would like to comment is that looking up grief was more related to Junior’s experience with death. Other than that, I really liked your blog!


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