Where did the American Indians go? by Max

There were many different Native American tribes that lived in Missouri in the past. The first ever Native Americans that lived in Missouri were the Paleo Indians in 10,000 B.C. They lived in caves and were nomadic hunters of large game including the woolly mammoth and giant bison.

Drawing of the Paleo Indians hunting a Mammoth.

After that, more Native American Tribes started living in Missouri including the Missouri Indians and the most well-known, the Osage. The Osage tribe was a peaceful tribe and the largest and most powerful tribe in the area during the 17th century. They lived along the Osage and Missouri Rivers. For food they hunted wild animals and farmed corn, beans, and pumpkins. They would also gather nuts, grapes, and roots to eat.

They were nicknamed, “The little Ones” because they were good horse riders. For their permanent homes, they lived in longhouses that were over 100 feet long and were made out of wooden poles and tree bark. When they were on hunting trips they brought homes that could easily be moved, like wigwams.

They were forced by the government to leave Missouri in 1808 due to them wanting more land. They moved to Kansas and then were forced to move again to Oklahoma. Osage Indians today live on a Native American Reservation in Oklahoma known as the Osage nation. About 48,000 people live there, all being related to Osage Indians.

The Missouri Indians (which our state got its name from) settled near the Missouri River in central Missouri. For food, they hunted large animals such as elk, bison, and deer. To sneak up close to them, they disguised themselves with animal skins which made it easier for them to catch their prey. They also grew corn, beans, and squash and ate berries, nuts, and wild fruits.

There homes were wigwams because they could set up and take them down easy. They were made out of a frame of poles which were covered in mats made of reed.

A drawing of a Missouri Indian

The wigwams were set up close to rivers so that the tribe could have fish to eat and water to drink.

For cloths, the tribe wore breechcloths, blankets, and buffalo robes. They also made jewelry out of copper, bone, beads, and brass. They made pottery for cooking and storing food and they made tools out of stone. When the Missouri Indians traveled, they either traveled by foot, or they had dogs drag their belongings on a sled called a travois.

Later after the French explores came to Missouri, the tribe had many troubles. They fought the Sauk Indians and many people were killed. The Europeans also brought chickenpox to the Indians which also killed many of them. The survivors then moved west and joined the Oto Tribe in Kansas.

The Native Americans shouldn’t have been forced to move from their homelands and treated terribly by the government because they are humans just like us who want to live and you can’t take that away from people.

A map of the different Native American tribes that lived in Missouri


One thought on “Where did the American Indians go? by Max

  1. Dear Max,
    I appreciated how well written your blog post is, and how you are very well informed. I liked the pictures, but maybe they could be a little bigger to help emphasize them. How did learning all about these tribes from Missouri impact the way you think of where we live? I think that it is important to learn about the history of where we live, and who was here before us. Nice job on this post!



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