Poverty’s Impact on Children by TJ

People that are stuck in poverty may have some health issues. People that are in poverty use food stamps and that gives them access to processed food. While eating too much processed foods can cause obesity can lead to diabetes. Diabetes can start to attack the nerves and could lead to amputation. Poverty has a huge impact on a child’s education. This is because the child is paying more attention on getting their next meal then what they are learning in class. If the child isn’t paying close attention in class their grade starts to go down. With a low grade and a bad GPA, the child starts to fail. With the child failing they start to think that there is no use for school and they decide to drop out.

It also has a big impact on getting a job and trying to support their family. Kids that drop out have no other decision but to find a way to make money. But without a degree or degree of some sort, finding a job will be much harder because they are at such a minimum.

With little job offers, drugs come to mind and poverty victims are sitting on the streets selling drugs for money. Selling drugs is a very risky thing to do. Drug trafficking is the act of trade with illegal substances that are under the prohibition law.  People that sell drugs are putting themselves in a vulnerable spot to either get robbed or even killed. If the sellers are caught, they can face a serious amount of time in prison. The most sold drug currently is powder cocaine. Powder cocaine has a lot of effect from emotional to physical. If the poverty victims are caught doing this illegal act, then they are going to prison with a sentence of 2 to 4 years in prison.

There are other things that victims of poverty do that could end them up in prison. Some rob places, others steal, burgle houses, and even become prostitutes. They do these things to make money but they are hurting themselves. Prostitutes have a chance at getting pregnant or a sexual transmitted disease.


2 thoughts on “Poverty’s Impact on Children by TJ

  1. I really like how you used actual facts in order to get your point across to readers. I think you could add how poverty affects these kids mentally. (i.e. do they suffer from depression?) I’m also curious about which states are in the worst poverty? Overall, I really liked your post about childrens poverty.


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