How Alcoholism Affects American Life by Max L.

Alcoholism doesn’t just impact the alcoholic, it has an impact on the people around him. The impact on coworkers, family, and friends can change lives.

Alcoholism can make everything more difficult. There are alcohol related crashed every 20 minutes. Alcoholism can affect lives of many, families are ruined because of abusive parents. People drink if their sad, people drink if their happy, people drink when their angry, people that don’t have jobs drink a lot. The alcoholic might get upset at themselves for making bad decisions and might hurt others.

The loss that alcoholism has on people. Death is not what anyone should face. In the book “The Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian” the main characters best friend Rowdy is beaten by his father. Anyone that takes place in an alcoholic’s life can make a difference on others. Children are beaten from alcoholic parents, the children need to contact child services if their parent is abusing the child.

On reservations, the amount of Indians that drink are a lot. The Indians drink because of their jobs and if they can’t afford food for their family they might be like Juniors father. The families can be hurt since the fathers or mothers cannot get jobs since they drink all the time. The parents can become shut inns and only drink. Alcoholics will drink at any time of the day. Alcoholics get the lack of motivation to do anything, that’s why they might quit jobs to drink all day.



5 thoughts on “How Alcoholism Affects American Life by Max L.

  1. Max,
    I really like your dive into the problems of alcoholism and how it affects people. I could really connect the things you said to the book, such as Eugene getting shot over a bottle of wine. Do you think alcoholism affects people here in St. Louis the same way it affects the people of the Spokane Indian Reservation? Good job on your post.



  2. Max L,

    I enjoyed reading your blog post. It was well written, and I like how you connected your central topic back to the book. My only suggestion would to be, to show examples from the book by quotes. Also I think that it’s really great, that you put a URL for child services. Overall I’m glad I read it good job.



  3. Max,
    I really liked your piece on alcoholism. I learned some new things and was reminded of the affects alcohol has on people. A suggestion I have is to check for grammar issues before publishing. Do you think the book would have had such a big impact if it didn’t include alcoholism as much?



  4. Max,
    I really liked this, this is a really sad topic to talk about and you did a good job. I find it interesting how many people die from alcoholic car crashes and how many people still drink. Something that I would add is was are your thoughts about this topic or how do you think we can prevent all the deaths that happen because of drunk driving. I like how you related it to real life and to the book. Good job!!
    – Julia


  5. Great Job
    Max, I liked your piece of writing and the topic you chose was pretty good, too. Although, I think you should use more pictures, and maybe even vary the way you start you sentences a bit. I enjoyed reading your post it made me wonder how the family members of an alcoholic actually feel when around their drunk relative. There were some really good things you wrote in the article that many people could relate to. Great work!


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