The Tornado by Connor

It was the last day of school. Fifteen minutes left and it would officially be summer When the bell goes off I would be going to six flags with my best friend, Sam. We were planning on going if the weather cleared up. Otherwise, we would just hang out at his house and play zombies. Luckily, it looked like the weather was going to clear up.

As the bell went off our class swarmed the door and went outside screaming. It took me about twenty minutes to find my friend, Sam. When I saw him I yelled, “SAM”. He turned around and said that he was looking all over for me and that his mom was waiting for us in his car. We went to her car and she was on the phone. She asked us if we wanted to stop by there house first and eat or go straight to six flags. We said we wanted to go and eat first because we hadn’t eaten since lunch. So when we went to their house and it started raining so we decided to play some games and hope that it would clear up.

As we were playing we heard a big smash so we ran to the kitchen and saw a funnel of a tornado so we ran to his  moms room and we told her that there was a tornado outside and she ran to the window and said “your right “. But the only problem was they didn’t have a basement. So we ran to there neighbors house. Knocked on the door and he answered and said yelling “COME ON IN”. so we went in and we went to the basement. His basement was scary he had mounted fish and deer on the walls. I asked my friend why they were all over his walls and he said that he was a taxidermist. He asked me some questions and we watched television for about two hours and played two games of pool. The storm seemed to not stop. So we went to sleep. At about two in the morning we heard a loud noise and right after that the power turned off and it was dark as can be. I stayed up all night and everyone else fell asleep. In the morning we got up and went upstairs and his house was absolutely destroyed. Half of his kitchen was on the other side of his lawn.  Sam’s house on the other hand had minor damages.


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