The Day When it All Went Wrong By: Parker

I woke up early today  as soon as the sirens at the camp sounded. While everyone else was getting ready, I asked my friend, John, what was going on. John has dark brown, long hair swopped to the side with greenish colored eyes with a hint of grey in them. He’s also very tall. I have very light brown hair, cut in a buzz cut, with almost pure bright blue eyes.  He answered “Don’t ya remember? It’s time to go over to Germany, to fight!” As soon as he said that I stopped doing everything. Today is the day. The day when John and I go fight in the war. And I had a feeling, that someone wasn’t coming back home.

On the ride on the plane to the dock, where our boats were, no one talked the first half hour or so that we spent on the plane. I think we were all thinking the same thing. What was it going to be like when we get over there. But once someone broke out a conversation, things got a little better. The boat ride though was the worst of it. It took forever and I couldn’t hear anybody because of the noise of the ocean water and the boat splashing up and down on the water surface.

The war had been going on for quite a while by the time our group got there. Most of the city was in ruins by the bombing and the firing. John and I could hear the noise of all the soldiers and the guns all the way from where we landed. We were about forty-five minutes away from the fight, and not too eager to get there.

At first we couldn’t see were everyone was. Then all of the sudden, they were firing at us. I was the first to spot them. I yelled “OVER THERE! BEHIND THAT WALL WITH THE DESTROYED TURRET!” But it was too late. Most of our men got out of the way, but some had just looked that way when they shot. When I saw those men down, I got determination. I was going to fight for those men.

When we did get to the sight of the fight, John and I were some of the last people in our group to get off of the truck. Our group of solders were called to the fight mainly for when the enemies gained the upper hand of the battle. We were the solders that were fighting last hope. They were depending on us. We had their lives in our hands.

As soon as I peeked out to look, they were there again waiting. I shot at them for a couple of second not able to control my gun like it was a firehose. As soon as I stopped shooting, I dove back into cover. As soon as I got back in cover I heard John scream like a maniac at me. “Bob! Look out! There’s a grenade right behi…” But I never heard the rest of what he said. Before John could finish, the grenade when off a couple yards away from me. Faster than I thought it would happen, the ground got closer extremely fast. My head was throbbing so much. You wouldn’t believe the pain that I had in my head. It was like nothing I could have ever imagined. The next thing I knew everything started to go black, but just before everything did, John came running over with surprising speed and agility, rolled me on my back and kept saying something to me, but all I could see was that his mouth was moving, I knew that he was saying something to me. Whatever it was, he kept saying it to me over and over again until everything did go black. I only wish that I could know one thing, what he was saying to me. I don’t remember anything else that happened after that, but at the time I narrowed it down to two things:

  1. I died by the grenade.


  1. I passed out.

When woke up, I was right where I had passed out. It was silent though. No fighting going on. Where was everyone? When I tried to get up my leg and ribs hurt a lot. My leg was partially burnt from the explosion and my ribs were bruised, I think. When I looked around I knew right away what happened. They were captured.

Before going to rescue my team though, I decided I should check the alliance base camp first just in case to see if they were there. I couldn’t make it there on foot thought with my injured leg, I had to get there faster and by some kind of vehicle. I looked around for a while looking for a car. Then I found a truck used to carry troops. When I got to the truck, there were no keys, so I had to hijack it.

When I got to the camp there were a lot of trucks and cars parked in front. There were people there, and I was sure it was them. But when I got closer I saw that it wasn’t. They were still the allies. When I went around the camp looking for my group, I couldn’t find them. Right when I was about to leave, someone taped me on the shoulder. It was John, and the whole group was with him.


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