Pressure by: Kenny

Today was the day. Bryon woke up to the sound of honk due to a life about to be taken away.  He realize he wasn’t in his comfortable bed.  It was the car. Without sitting up Bryon describe his dream out loud not even caring who was listening. Byron hopped out of the car uneasy like he has been off the ground for the past hour. he picked up a quarter found from the street and placed it in the coat pocket. Today was the day. Today was the day he would have to sit in a chair for thirty minutes and tell a judge his feeling. Bryon’s parents were divorced so today was court day. The minute Byron walked in the room he realized the stress and nerve he would feel in the next three hours.

He walked in silent; with his head up noticing the patters on the light and the diamond shape lantern swooshing above him. Miss Jean his babysitter signed him in, even though he had to.  Byron and Miss Jean waited in awkward silence. Part of Byron wanted to go to sleep. The other part of Bryon wanted to leave in fear his decision would change his life.  The court house was quiet. Each and every step that miss jean took with her high heels clacking on the tile ground.  Click Click Click. A tune to the beat of the heels inside his head popped into Byron’s mind. The hunger kicked in. His nerves ached in his stomached, although the hunger hurt more.  He pulled out his red Ds and drew swiggly lines on the screen until him and Miss Jean hit the lunch room. Byron thought to himself ” Why Am I here”. Taking  four miss turns and one trip back to the front desk the finally hit the lunch room. He didn’t eat much. The more he thought about court the less the hunger hurt in his stomach. Many things zipped through his mind like zebras in a safari. Byron plopped down near the poll in the back of the lunch room.  Pulling out Mario kart, a plate fell scaring Bryon as he flinched and hid behind the poll.  The shattered glass reminded him of what was about to happen based on his words. Miss Jean looked at the time. It was 2:30; thirty minutes before the big moment happened. Bryon asked his Miss jean about what to say. Miss jean said speak from the heart no matter what but was that really what Bryon thought.

This was the day everything would change. Bryon wondered what would he say to his friends when the ask whast happened, or ask him why don’t they see his mom or dad anymore. Many things raced through Byron’s big head.  Throughout they were talking people came ands left the lunchroom. It was time, the big moment that could make or break Bryon’s future ( or so how he felt) was now. In the window Bryon saw his mom and dad on opposite sides facing the judge. His mom wear a black pantsuit that he hasn’t noticed before which is why he didn’t recognize her at first. Then he saw his dad who was wearing less moderate clothes than his mom but still appropriate. As he saw his dad a memory shot into his mind. He thought about the vigorous times his dad told him to say he wanted more time with him. Or he thought of his dad being really mad if Bryon said anything against him. With those thoughts Byron was sure that would affect his answer. Sitting outside a a stool bench with Byron sitting at the exact edged of the bench Bryon waited 30 minutes hearing gavels banging up and down and yelling from across the room. Bryon was hungry again, but there was no time for Byron to go all the way back. Miss jean bought him a water bottle and told him good luck as she got escorted out because it was almost time where the judge would call Bryon in the courtroom to talk to him. Byron thought to himself. I want to sleep, but not for a reason he thought. Byron thought that if he went to sleep maybe he could wake up and it would all be a dream. It was time. The doors opened and Byron’s parents walked passed him without looking at him.

Byron walked forward and stopped. Everyone looked at him strangely until the judge to him to sit down which he did without waiting a beat. When Bryon sat in the chair he blurted out” I want to spend time with both my parents especially my dad” which had everyone confused. It was really irrelevant and Bryon thought he was an idoit for saying it. It was the pressure he thought to himself. The first thing the judged asked him was for his name and general security questions a normal judge would ask. “yes…… wait… wait yes” Byron said sounding confused. A sweat feel from his black colored hair to  brown colored skin.Then the judge asked the question. The question that bryon was worried he would ask. The judge asked

“Do you want everything to stay the same where you see your dad almost every Sunday?”

Now everything was racing through his head. He viewed different images from his head like his life was flashing image by image. He remembered what his dad was pressuring him to say but he also remembered what Miss jean told him. Byron pulled out the quarter and held it in his hand. The wave of confidence and pressure was gone. The little quarter that Byron held in his hand had a connection with its heart gave him the strength to finally believe in himself and blurt out the word


The quarter fell smashing against the ground. Once. Twice. Three times until he felt it roll until it hit his foot. His  heart started pumping just as if he had just ran the marathon or made a life threatening decision.  He felt like the world was just divided into 2 different parts and he would never be the same. Bryon thought to himself that if this was a dream now would be the perfect time to wake up. A tear fell down his cheek.

“Thank you Byron”

It was over. The long day that Byron has was coming to an end. Miss jean came to great him at the doors where he was officially released to go home. Miss Jean didn’t say a word to him. Miss jean smiled, waved, and left 30 minutes after thinking that Byron was asleep. Bryon checked to see if she was gone for fear she would find out he was faking. The truth was Byron didn’t want to talk to anyone even his mom. Another tear led from his face, this time one came after the next. Byron thought he was tough but in reality he wasn’t. He waited another 30 minutes which felt like an hour for his mom to come.

Finally his mom arrived at the doors next to the old dusty bench Byron sat on. She smiled and asked him if he was ready to go. Byron shook his head questionably as if there was a part two coming up. He asked his mom what happened and she explained some of the basics. She told him no matter what that she still loved him, Bryon looked up to his mom and loved how inspirational, but still there was despair in Byron’s heart. Soon and eventually next Sunday arrived and it was time for Byron to see his father. He knew the tension would be high and it would be the worst time he has ever spent with his dad. “hey son”  Admidiatly after hugging and saying hello to his dad he rushed to the car and locked his door. A tear feel from his eye.

“Nothing is the same.”


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