The Dog’s Dish by Nicolas

About a year ago, I had to watch my dog in my room while my parents were meeting with contractor downstairs. It sounds relatively simple to watch a dog; however, the dog wanted out. He (Wesley) being a crazy rescue dog, hates strangers and wanted desperately to see who was in the house. That night was real challenge to keep him entertained and out of trouble while keeping in my room.
While I was watching him in my room, I thought he was thirsty. Since I could not leave my room without the dog following me, I lead him to my bathroom (which is attached to my room), and filled up my bathtub. The bathtub turned into a giant dog dish full of water. Wesley hopped in and started to drink from it. So I thought since he was in the tub already that I might as well give him a bath since he was a tad bit dirty. So I told him to get out of the tub while I filled up with more water. He leaped out of the tub and trotted over to my bed and pounced on it. He started rubbing his wet body all over my comforter and sheets. I walked over to my bed and I was completely stunned because my bed smelled horrible. It was the awful wet dog smell. I immediately ran to my window and opened it. Ah, fresh air! But my room still stunk, so I thought that I might as well give him a bath because the wet dog smell was not going to disappear anytime soon, unfortunately.
So I decided to fill the tub up again. The water was absolutely freezing, so I added more hot water to get the temperature just right, but the water got much too hot for me to even stick my own feet in! I had to add more cold water to make it just right. That was a lot of water!
After the water temperature was a comfortable temperature, the dog leaped from the bed and decided to hop in the bathtub! Soon a tidal wave washed over the bathtub’s edge and onto the tile floor. I opened my eyes and saw with amazement that the tub was half empty! Half the water was gone. I was so soaked, water was everywhere. Water was dripping down the walls. Wesley started to shake and then he shook himself so hard that water flew off him and I got an unwanted shower of wet dog. I was standing in puddles of water and I was not even in the tub, I was standing on the tile floor! There were puddles everywhere, and then I noticed water was running under the bathroom door onto the new hardwood floor in my room.
When I opened up the bathroom door, Wesley knocked me over in a race to get out. When I sat up, I could not believe my eyes, water everywhere and of course Wesley shook himself sending more water flying onto my freshly painted bedroom walls and the wet hardwood floor. How was I going to explain this mess? I asked the dog why he did this. Of course, he did not answer, he had returned to the scene of the crime, he was sitting in the tub with a huge grin on his face like he created a mess on purpose.
I needed to get the dog out of the tub pronto; however, he did not want any part of this. He was too busy splashing and drinking the water. I tried to get him out of the tub, which only got me increasingly more drenched. I tried pulling on his leash for him to get out of the tub but he pulled and resisted causing me to trip over the bath mat and into the tub. Now I was covered in more water than before. While this was very unfortunate I thought he would get out, but no he still stayed in the tub. Now not only was I drenched in water from head to toe, and my whole bathroom was covered with more water than before. This was so stressful! How was I supposed to get him out?! I had no idea how to handle this; I tried to clean up the mess.
I remember having a great thought at the time; the plan was to lure the dog out of the tub using his dog treats. There was only one problem, the treats were downstairs in the kitchen, and I was upstairs. I was going to responsible, so I decided to drain the remaining bath water from the bathtub before leaving the dog in the bathroom by himself while I got the dog treats. I thought I could leave him by him alone in a closed bathroom, what could happen?
When I returned from my quick mad dash to retrieve the dog treats from downstairs, I opened my bathroom door. I got the surprise of my life; I was eye level with my dog’s nose. How is that possible? Did he grow three feet while I was gone? Of course not, he had jumped onto the vanity and was standing in my sink. He had a huge smile on his face and was wagging his tail. The bathroom vanity had the soap bottle knocked over, the sink faucet was on causing water to splash everywhere. The soap and shampoo bottles were floating in the tub water and the dog had somehow managed to open the shampoo bottle causing shampoo it leak out forming bubble puddles on the tile floor. My dog also thought that toilet paper was make a great new dog toy. There was wet stringy toilet paper everywhere on the floor, on the toilet, and in the tub. Disaster was everywhere I looked.
I needed to clean this mess up fast before my parents came upstairs! The mess was created in a relatively short time so clean up should be fast. I felt like I was living the story of the “Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss. It was extremely hard but I tried my best to tidy up and keep the dog quiet.
My mother came to check on the dog and I before I could finish cleaning up the mess. All she saw was a humongous disaster in my bedroom and bathroom.
“What happened?” my mother asked.
“Nothing!” I say.
She did not believe me at all so I told my mother the story of how the water, soap, shampoo and dog treats got everywhere in my bathroom. She could not believe how quickly this had all happened.
I learned a very important lesson that night; I will never again try to use my bathtub as a giant dog dish. I also learned that I should always think things through before I do them because what I thought was a great idea turned out to be the worst idea I had ever had.


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