The Building by Max

One day, a nice and sunny one with no clouds in the sky, my friends Ian, Jason and I were practicing parkour. Ian had short brown hair and was always a little afraid of heights so he didn’t always like parkour, and Jason a funny tall kid with curly short hair. Ian and Jason and I were friends from school. We were trying to find a building to practice parkour around. We saw a building that we thought was really cool had different objects in the courtyard and on top of the building. We called the building “The climbing wall” because all of the cool obstacles and vaults it had and it looked like you could climb right to the top. We did some parkour techniques and some cool parkour moves and they showed me some also. We got scarred that we were going to get caught, Ian kept saying ” Ge should go and find a safer place.” We ran around the side of the Climbing wall and we saw that the building had some telephone poles on the top of it. We ran to the other side to find a way up. The only way up was to get on top of this covered walkway thing that looked really cool. I decided that it would be fun to hang around this “Climbing wall.”

My friends thought it would be easy for me to try to climb up a light pole to jump on to the bridge way. The covered walkway was flat so I could easily get on to it. I was thinking it would be safer to get a running start and try to jump and grab on to the top of the walkway cover and I decided that I would try it. I ran up to the walk way and Jumped! I grabbed the top of it but my hands slipped off. So I tried to find another way on it.

I thought I would listen to my friends and climb the light pole. I saw that it reaches way over the top. The light pole was much taller than the walk way, I said to my friends” I’m doing it” I knew immediately that they were thinking that I was going to die because the light pole was really tall and if I fell off of it I might injure myself. So I climbed the cold steel pole. When I was at the top I took a breath of the fresh air and jumped. When I was in the air I felt free, like nothing was holding me back. The moment I landed I did a roll, I had a lot of space.

By the time I got up my friend Ian grabbed the ledge of the walkway. He was repeating the word “help” over and over again. So I thought I would help him up. By the time he got up Jason found a latter on the side of the building and he used the ladder to get up. Ian and Jason thought we should go somewhere else and practice parkour and that it was too dangerous because it was so high up. By the time I convinced them it was around 1:00. We looked at the roof and made jokes that we were never going to get up there and I said “That’s why we’re doing this, we never give up.”

There was a flag pole on the side of the building and the only way to get to it was to jump and hang on the flag pole and swing and land on a window ledge. The window was about 6 feet away from the flag pole. Ian said “This is way too dangerous and I’m not going to do it.” I promised him when I got up I would find a way to get him on to the top of the building. They said I was so confident so I should go first. I felt so nervous and I jumped. I felt my grip tighten soon as my palms hit the warm metal rod that the sun had been hitting. I started to swing and I knew soon as my feet went higher than my hands I could get to where I wanted to land. I let go. I turned hands so I could grab the ledge. My hands smashed against the ledge. I was so relieved that I grabbed it. Soon as I thought I was fine my feet slipped off the wall! I was just hanging there. I was about 15 feet in the air. I was about to cry because I didn’t want to let go because if I did I would break my ankles. I pulled and pulled until I got my elbow on the ledge. I pulled my arm to my chest so I could get my other arm on the ledge. I used my feet to kick off the wall. I thrusted forward and got onto the ledge. I was now for sure that I would not fall. I jumped and grabbed the top of the roof and pulled myself up.

I caught my breath and told my friends to take about 5 steps then run up the wall and I would grab their arm . Ian that was scarred ran first, soon as his hand hit the wall I grabbed it. I helped him up and we were both on the roof. Then Jason ran up the wall and he put both of his arms up so we could both grab them. As soon as we had him Ian started to fall off of the roof. I grabbed his ankles to help him up. He was screaming so much that it was kind of funny. I knew I could pull him up so I started to laugh and doing that made him even more scarred for some reason. I lifted him up and got him on his feet. While he was resting I helped Jason up the wall. When he was done resting we realized that the front of Ian’s shirt was torn from almost falling. We laughed about the entire thing for what it seemed to feel like an hour. It was around 1:50 when we started to get hungry. Since Jason had on a backpack, he was carrying lunch. We ate everything he had.

We said to each other that this was awesome. We started to do some vaults on some air vents that were on top of the building. I was the only one that could do a complex vault successfully. Of course we laughed after I failed a couple of times. We were jumping on different sized vents to see who could jump the highest. Turns out that I could jump the highest but I got a huge scrape on my shin from trying to land on the vent. I wrapped it up with a part of my tee shirt. The rest of the day it never bothered me.

We started to do mimics in parkour. I taught my friends how to play, ” So mimic is a parkour game that is really fun, the first thing is that the person, me, does a parkour trick and the person behind me does the same trick and adds a new trick and when someone messes up and does something else instead of what the person did they get a M and you get a letter whenever you mess up and when you spell out the word MIMIC, it’s like the game Horse, if someone loses we would just start again. We can choose the punishment before we start the game.” We made the punishment 20 pull ups on this small pylon on top of the building. The game was really hard but fun. We played that game for about an hour. My friends and I stayed the rest of the day on top of the building just messing around and daring each other to do crazy things.

Jason’s mom called and said he had to go home because his brother got attacked by a dog. We were trying hurry and think of a way to get down. We saw that there were some ropes that were about an a inch thick. We put a couple together and tied some knots. We tied the end to the pylon that would not move at all. We hung on it a couple of times before we threw the other end off the building. Right as we were about to climb down my friends mom called and said that Jason didn’t have to go home because his brother was overreacting. We all climbed down and went to a kid friendly pub. We did social collaborative games. We started to talk to my friend that worked there. We got free drinks, I don’t know how but, we kept eating hamburgers and fries there till 7:00.

When it was around 7:15 my friends had to go home. I stayed around the pub and was thinking how awesome my friends are. My mom picked me up at a park nearby. When I got home I sat down on bed and was thinking of how much fun I had with my friends. I learned that having friends and doing things you love is one of the most important things you can do. That day was a day that I will remember forever. Thanks friends….


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