The 2K15 Video Game Showdown By: TJ

It was Kevin versus Jordan. They were getting ready to play against each other in the video game of NBA 2K15. Jordan wanted another rematch in the game since he had lost twice to Kevin already. Kevin had picked the Diamond State Warriors because that was his favorite team and it also had his favorite player, Stephon Kurray. The team that Jordan had picked was the Rallo Cavaliers with his favorite player JeBron Lames. Since Jordan thought that Kevin had been cheating, he put the game settings to the hardest difficulty in the game, Hall of Fame. Kevin has played Jordan on Hall of Fame so many times that he knows what Jordan is going to do with the team that he is playing with. Once everything was set and ready, they started loading the game. Once the game was loaded, it was time for the tip off. Once the digitized referee had bounced the ball once and tossed it in the air, both players had jumped for the ball and fortunately Kevin had won the tip because he would have it again at the start of the 4th quarter.

1st Quarter

Kevin had the ball first. He used the right stick on his controller to do a couple of moves and then went to the basket and missed his first shot. Jordan’s team had the ball and there were coming to the other end of the court where the defense was. Jordan had found an open man on the wing and took a shot from the three-point line and it is a clean shot. Through the TV, you could hear the fake “swish” sound indicating that it was a clean shot. After that they were both missing shot until a player on Kevin’s team got fouled hard going up for the layup. Kevin had made both of the free throw shots putting two points up on the board. The score was three to two with Jordan leading. Then the game started to get fired up with both making shots, getting fouled, and making flashy dunks. The quarter was coming to an end with Jordan still leading 28 to 19. Kevin had the ball and with five second on the clock, he ran down the court and did two moves and shot a three-pointer with a perfect release. The ball hits the backboard of the basket and goes into the basket for three points. Then the quarter ends with a score of 28 to 22.

2nd Quarter

The second quarter starts with a score of 28 to 22 with Jordan leading. Kevin was still talking smack about how he was the best and that he was going to still comeback and beat Jordan, but inside he was starting to get worried because he had always had a lead at the start of the second quarter of every game. Jordan gets the ball first in the second quarter because Kevin won the tip off at the start of the game. Once Jordan gets his team down the court, he goes for a dunk, but Kevin blocks him and gets the rebound and runs down court to their basket and get a dunk. Jordan was steadily complaining that the block should’ve been a foul but Kevin was getting more confident that he could come back and win the game at the end. Once Jordan got the ball back, he just rams down to the other end of the court and Kevin, knowing that he would get hit if he did this, took a charge and Made Jordan make an offensive foul. Jordan punched Kevin with a decent amount of force and Kevin started laughing. Jordan said, “Dude you know that I will stop playing if you keep doing this. I’m for real dude.”, “Well if it’s in the game, I must be able to do it since it’s not illegal or anything.” Kevin said.

3rd Quarter

            The 3rd quarter started with a tie. The score was 76 to 76. Once again Jordan got the ball first at the start of the quarter. Jordan comes down and swings the ball to the player on the left wing. That player was wide open and he gets a perfect release on his shot and makes a clean basket. Then Kevin’s team calls a timeout and Jordan is laughing while Kevin is complaining about his team calling a timeout. When the timeout was over the game resumed and Kevin scored a three-pointer. Then Jordan has the ball again and he brings his point guard down the court and does ta simple crossover and a step back and makes the shot. Kevin on the other hand knows a little something that could get Jordan on his toes. He brings his point guard down court and does a double behind the back and makes Jordan’s defender fall to the ground and Kevin starts yelling, “Where are those ankles!!!!!” The quarter ended with Jordan again in the lead.

4th Quarter

            The 4th quarter was when the whole game turned around. Kevin started to make a lot more shots and more flashy dunks. Kevin had gotten over 20 points in less than two minutes and he was in the lead, but Jordan was just behind him in score. The lead changed over 5 times and the game started to get pretty heated. In the last seconds of the game, Kevin had the ball, he brought the ball down court and he did a crossover and he shot a three point shot. Everything went in slow motion and the clock went down, 3… 2… 1. The buzzer made its buzzing sound and the ball went in the basket. Kevin was jumping around and making a lot of noise not knowing that his aunt was in the room across the hall way in his house, and his dad down stairs doing laundry. His dad yells upstairs and tells Kevin to stop making so much noise and to calm down.


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