Terror-ific Time by David

October 31

Tonight was the night that the Bula Gang decided to meet up on Halloween. They were all meeting up at Bree’s house to go trick-or-treating. The neighborhood was so peaceful, there were no cars driving, just plenty of fog. Her house was the type of house that reminded you of castle. Kandice was already there, Austin and James showed up around 3:00 pm. Austin was an average height, he had sponge curls in his hair, and was a little bit taller than Bree. James was taller than Austin by not very much, his hair was also curly but not to the point where it looked like Austin’s, he will eat pretty much anything he sees as long as it’s edible. “What kind of pizza do you guys want” asked Bree’s Mom. Everybody said different things. So she just ordered bacon, barbecue chicken, cheese, and pepperoni. So while we were eating Bree’s Brother Eric decided to go with us since he had nothing else to do. Breana then showed up. Breana had her hair in braids, and highlights, and she was taller than everybody except for James.  They all went down to Bree’s basement to watch scary movies and play air hockey and ping pong. The basement was a really big space with couches and a chair. There were posters with St. Louis Blues Logo and players. There was a closet open with Xbox games, cords, and movies all over the place. Austin and Eric played sting pong. Austin didn’t really have good accuracy. “Turn Around” Eric said laughing. SMACK!! “AHHH” yelled Austin. The ping pong hit him in the middle of his back. “Dang Austin, you a big whelp on your back” Kandice said acting surprised.15 minutes later the pizza was there. At the the table they all just talked about school drama. “Guys we should probably go get dressed” Bree suggested. James was dressed as Mario, Austin was so clueless he had no idea what he was wearing, and it was a long dress type robe. “Last time I wore this thing I was running across a street I tripped and fell.” Austin said feeling embarrassed. James laughed and looked at the ground looking innocent. Bree and Kandice were both dressed in all black and fangs and red makeup to make them look like Vampires. Breana didn’t know what to dress up as she was wearing Pajama’s with a big dog on the front. Austin and James were just waiting them to finish with makeup and stuff. “Why do they take so long” James wondered. “How am I supposed to know?” said Austin confused. “Alright were ready.” Kandice replied. “Before you leave I want a group picture of you guys.” Bree’s mom said. “Bye stay safe” she said. The neighborhood was quiet and cold, there was still a lot of fog. “Guys did you hear about this house that was haunted by a ghost” Eric explained in his creepy voice. “Try and scare me, Eric and I will hurt you.” Kandice said. They all ran to a house with a family sitting outside next to a fire pit. “Hey, you didn’t leave any for me.” Austin said sadly. “I guess I’ll just take this last piece” He suggested. There was person wearing a skeleton costume who chased Austin down the street because he was so scared. Austin ran swiftly down the street. So as the friends were trick-or-treating they reached a house where the lights were off. Kandice walked up to the window. “Isn’t that the house where a creepy man watches you through the window?” asked Breana. When they realized it, Kandice saw somebody look out the window. She immediately screamed and ran away from the house. “Guys I can’t run wait on me!” yelled Kandice. She ran so fast she acted like she running from a pack of wolves. “What did you see? Breana asked. “You don’t wanna know” Kandice said out of breath. Afterwards Kandice walked with a limp. “Can we just go back to the house and eat some candy” Austin complained. “Let’s go to the neighborhood across the street” James suggested. “Ok, but I better get a king size, haven’t gotten one in a while.” Breana said. “Guys I feel like were being followed.” Bree said worried. “I do to” Breana said concerned. As they were walking through the neighborhood they then realized it was probably just the wind. “Guys can we just go back to the house?” asked Austin again. As Austin kept complaining, because he was scared. The crew just kept going through the neighborhood to try and get some king size candy bars. “James, my mom said her car broke down, and my dad is out of town so she can’t pick us up” Austin explained. “Ok, Bree can we stay the night at your house then?” James asked. “Sure I guess.” Bree said. “Can we go home now I wanna eat my candy?” Austin complained again for the third time. “Fine… let’s go back to the house.” Eric said. “Bree do you even know your way home?” Austin asked. “Hmmmm…Nope” Bree said. “I do” Eric said. So the friends made it back to Bree’s house. Before they went to sleep they fixed some popcorn and watched scary movies. Breana was the one who would get scared so easily she became paranoid. They all fell asleep really fast. Austin was under the air hockey table, James was on the ping pong table.

November 1

In the morning the boys were the last ones to wake up. Bree’s mom decided to make some breakfast for them. She fixed them a buffet like they were at Golden Corral. “Hey where did the WHOLE plate of bacon go” Kandice asked. James scratched his head and looked down as if he didn’t look guilty. “You at the whole plate of bacon?” Austin asked. “I mean…. You still got some crumbs.” James said looking Guilty. “That’s unbelievable” Breana said. “What’s not there to believe, the evidence is on his face.” Kandice said. “Guys can we trade candy?” Breana suggested. Everybody agreed except for James, who took his candy very seriously. “James can I please have that snickers” Bree pleaded. “NO! Don’t ask me again, I will use my hot breath.” James said angrily. As he was about to blow it all over Bree, he stopped. “Ok never mind.” Bree replied. “Why does it feel like it’s over 100 degrees” Austin said fanning himself. Eventually after James had a whole sack of candy. It was hard to carry because it felt like it had bricks in it. So after they ate candy they got bored, they girls decided to give the boys a makeover. “I don’t know how I feel about this” James said. “Yea me either. Austin agreed. After they were done Austin looked like a panda, and James looked like a monkey. “Why did we trust them to do this?” James asked. “I have no idea…” Austin said confused. “You guys look adorable” Kandice laughed. “Very Funny” James said frowning. They all got very bored so James suggested that we should go outside and play basketball. It was Austin and James against Bree, Breana, and Kandice. They got tired of playing that so they went back inside. Austin was the type of boy to do something really stupid and regret it afterwards. “Bree, can I run myself into your wall?” Austin asked bored. “….Sure knock yourself out” Bree suggested. Austin was determined not to get hurt. Austin ran so fast it was like a burst of wind. 5 minutes later Austin was laid out on the ground out cold. “You literally knocked yourself out.” James said. “I did?” Austin said confused.  Later on in the day the Bula Gang decided to eat more candy and watch some TV. “Austin when is your mom coming to pick us up?” James asked. “She said she was 10 minutes away.” “What should we do in the mean time?” Kandice asked. “I just wanna say that I had fun with you guys, we have to go this again.” Austin said.  “I should go get my stuff together.” James said. Bree knew something was happening between Austin and Kandice just by the way they were looking at each other. “Hey Breana, I have to show you something upstairs” Bree said smiling at Kandice. “Ok” said Breana acting confused. So she followed Bree upstairs, and left Austin and Kandice downstairs. Austin was so clueless he sat there looking like he just got asked the most difficult question in the world. “Austin it’s pretty obvious who I like.” Kandice explained blushing. “No…. not really, you see I can be slow sometimes, so it might be just not to me.” He explained to her. After a while he then figured it out. Austin realized that he might have liked Kandice back, but he didn’t want to say anything about it because he was a little bit shy. James came down the steps, right behind were Bree and Breana. “James my mom is here” Austin said. “Ok” said James. As they were saying by to each other they all just smiled and laughed. “Did you guys have fun?” asked Austin’s mom. They both looked at each other and laughed.



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