Earth’s Game By Riley

It was the first weekend in November, 2015. We were in the locker room about to go warm up outside the rink. On our way out of the rink we could hear fans screaming and yelling from outside the rink. We jogged out behind the rink where there was a big park was with a big hill. The first thing that popped into half the team was to climb the hill and warm up on top of the hill. ” this is going to be the best game of the season, just wait and find out.” said the goalie, Ryan. He recently got a haircut that went really long to almost a buzz cut. Once we were done stretching we ran down the hill, and jumped over the fence. We jogged back into the cold and bright rink. We watched a little bit of the game before us because we had a lot of time before the game. After we watched the game, we left back into the locker room. We started to get focused and ready for the game. During getting ready for the game, “these guys our really bad we can beat them.” said a forward. “don’t underestimate them.” I said.

This weekend was one of the biggest tournaments in the nation, it was called the Bauer World Invite. The first game and also the most important out of the three round robin games we played, is the hardest versing the Mississauga Braves. When we were all ready and the Zamboni was about to get off, we were really nervous and confident at the same time because we are a really good team and when we have a mindset, we can beat any team. Our blood was pumping so much that our veins could have popped we were so excited, we couldn’t wait to get on the ice.

The Zamboni was off the ice and we were skating on the ice. My team is very superstitious so before we go onto the ice, we have to touch the puck bag. We warmed up by skating around really fast, “kkksshhh.” the sound of the skates hitting the ice were all around me. After we warmed up on the ice, all of our muscles were relaxed and ready to play. The only thing that was going through every bodies head was that we needed to win this game.

As soon as the puck dropped in the center of the ice everything got a lot faster. They were big, fast, and physical and they were really good at moving the puck. We were holding them and had so many chances to score but the defense were really good. at the 10 minute mark of the first period they passed to the fastest guy on there team and skated right passed our defense and scored. Everybody on my team were devastated and angry that they scored and we were willing to do anything now to score more than they will to win.

They scored once again 5 minutes left in the first period and we got even more mad. They scored the third goal with one minute left in the first. At that point in the game we knew we had to score in the second or else it would be extremely hard to win in the third if we didn’t. before we got on the ice, the coach said, “you guys are playing well and moving the puck good, but as soon as you get to the offensive zone. You don’t move, we need to take the puck to the net.” Our coach was excited and nervous because he knew we could would win. When we were walking onto the ice he smiled with his gray hair and knew we could win this game.

We came out onto the ice bursting with speed and warmed up for thirty seconds.”come on guys, we could win. Move the puck and we could win.”, said one of the defense named jack. He had long brown hair that came out of his helmet that wrapped around the bottom of his helmet. The first minute in the second period, we drove to the net and scored the first goal for us. We had our first boost in that game after that goal was scored. A couple minutes later they scored another goal. We didn’t keep our heads down long. The next period, we scored 10 minutes in the third period so it was 4-2 and we were down two goals. it was the third period with nine minutes left in the period, all of us were about to drops to the ground that we were so tired, the other team was also very tired. The coach said,” right now, is about who has more grit and will power out on this. I sure hope that you guys are the ones that have that.” We were thinking about what we had done that were good and bad, and tried to fix what we were doing wrong so we can become better.

We scored with seven minutes left so it became 4-3, they were still winning and the end of the game was closing in and it was getting more intense because we took it to the net and had many good chances and didn’t score. We were sweating so much it could have been a pool in the rink. Finally, we had a good break out of our zone and went into the offensive zone to try to score so we can tie the game up. First the second forward passed it to my defense partner, then my defense partner passed it to me, and when I got the puck I looked to see who was open and saw the third forward open on the strong side of the boards so I passed to him. He took the puck to the net, went around the net and passed it to the first forward in the back door and shot the puck as soon as it came close to him. “swoosh.”

The sound of the puck hitting the netting in the back of the net for the tie up goal was so exhilarating and exciting that we all jumped together and yelled really loud.” we finally tied the game, I was starting to get concerned!” my defense partner, Tommy said. Tommy is really tall and slim with brown hair. It may seem that this took a minute, but it really took only maybe ten seconds of the period to make the play and score. I could see the expression on the other team, and it made me laughed in my head to myself. There expression was all angry and wanted to go back in time to redo that shift so we didn’t score that one goal. There were two minutes left in the game and we were trying really hard to keep the puck out of our net and get it into theirs so we can win this game. One of the lasts shifts of the game I was not on the ice but I still remember it like it was the most important piece of life. The Braves had almost made another goal by passing rapidly and they came closer and closer to the net and at one pass, one of the Braves shot the puck towards the net. “ding!” and barely hit the post and came back out into our possession and we kept it in our own zone for a little bit for maybe a couple seconds and then we were out of our zone and got into the neutral zone. There was 1 minute left in the game and this was the only chance we could score. We did the same thing we did when we scored the tie up goal excepted that the second forward passed it back to the defense. The defense shot enough so it could get by all the players and at that moment it felt like the slowest moment in the game. Finally what felt like an hour, the puck went to the back of the net and scored. Our happiness was indescribable, and we went crazy and jumped on top of each other. After that little bit of celebrating, they were so mad that they didn’t want to shake hands and went off the ice. But the rules said that they had to shake hands so they came back onto the ice and shacked our hands. We got back into the locker room and started yelling good job boys, and jumping because we won our first Bauer game this year. Our whole team was so excited for the next team. After the game we all had team showers and we all talked, and we stayed in the locker room for almost a half an hour because we were talking and getting undressed for so long. But before we all got undressed, both of our coaches came in and gave a speech on how we were really good and that we deserved that big win. That night we all ate as a team as happy as can be.


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