Review of “Our Mockingbird”by Tatiana

The production “Our  Mockingbird” was shown on PBS to show people how the production was made. Two different schools, one with mostly with white kids and the other with black both came together to perform a play called “To Kill A Mockingbird.” They were both were in theatre classes and were both combined into one. Each student was to be a character from the movie and it was based on who mostly would fit the roll and who looked the same as the character. Each student would have to spend more than normal time on the play they were going to do and many believed they would have a problem with that.

The point of the play were to bring both of these groups together to realize how people were back than were and that race was really important. As in many interview these students were very interested to be working on a play like this with the opposite color. (Black or white) They wanted to see what each other thoughts were about each other and what their perspectives were on the play. Sooner or later they saw that they both had the same opinions. Also both realized how important it was the preform this play and what it meant. This play wasn’t just for fun it was too show how life was and how color mattered. That life wasn’t fair and it took work to get for what was wanted and sometimes what was wanted never happened.

Each student learned more and more everyday about their character. They were inspired by them and with all the examples and interviews they saw helped get into character. Not just the acting was done but the research of others in that time was also done, saw how people were treated and the reactions each individual had. From that the actors used that information to help their character come to life and actually felt they were really in the town of Maycomb.

In conclusion, each student learned something different which also helped them in life. Either why this time period was so important or noticing how different people saw how this play was formed in different perspectives. The main focus was bring the play to life in these students lives and to show how inspiring “To Kill a Mocking Bird” is in our lives.